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How many miles?

Red Rock Walkin ...

Red Rock Walkin …

I’m a family history junkie (if you hadn’t figured that out) and I often lament, “why didn’t they write something about their life”? I would love to read a journal or a letter … some tangible word that would bring their thoughts, hope, dreams, struggles, triumphs or daily hopes alive. In the meantime I haven’t kept a journal regularly, I’ve tossed more letters than I can count, and … in my quest for Discovering Creativity and Meaning at Midlife and Beyond, one of the weekly tasks is to write my Memoir .  Uggg, I think each time I sit down to answer the thoughtful questions meant to open up my locked consciousness. It’s not that I haven’t had a life … I have … much of it I’d just like to keep private, and some I’d just as soon as not remember … if you don’t mind … but, there are things sliding out of my memories that I haven’t thought of in ages (if at all).

Describe your room at ages 6-12: I didn’t have to share and I didn’t have a closet or a door … which was ok because if I had a door to slam I would have been grounded.  I haven’t even thought about what my room looked like … there was an upholstered rocking chair and a bed. There is no color in my memory of that room until I was 12.  I wonder what that means.

Beginning this journey has been slow.  I did pick a stupid time to start; I/we have been on the road for about a month. In fact, the new Escape, purchased the 4th of May has …wait for it… rolled over 6700 miles on yesterday’s trip up to Council. Dang! 11 months sticking around?  … sigh.

Can I find the bright side to lowering my road days? It’ll give me time to work on clarifying Me 2.0  or rather make that 62.0 … nope, I’ll just skip ahead to 62.0.2  … the first version of a release is always a bit buggy.

Pssst … nah, I won’t really be hanging tightly to the homestead … life is too short, family too dear, nature too enthralling, and adventure really does call when you least expect.  I may have to rent an Escape …. So, where are you going?






Gratitude Mode is Powerful!

Alexus ... the Fireball!

Alexus … the Fireball! Grad 2016!

Dakota ... long boarder surpreme! Grad 2016!!

Dakota … long boarder supreme! Grad 2016!!

I’m into gratitude mode … contemplating all of the good and beauty around me. I keep rediscovering the power of gratitude  (how easy it is to forget and get sucked into woe is me mode) … Last week I started my journey with Julia Cameron and following her guide to discovering creativity and meaning at midlife and beyond. Start the day with Morning Pages; 3 8 x 11 long-hand, free thought writing each morning (just as you wake up). It’s one of my favorite things to lay on the edge of wakefulness and let my mind wander where it will while I gather lost thoughts from sleep and open to the possibilities of the new day.  These morning pages are letting me capture those thoughts, feelings, and intentions rather than having them float away with full consciousness.

It’s been within the morning pages that I have rediscovered and had gratitude reignited in my heart … getting outside of my whiny self and truthfully see the abundance in my life. I literally have been ‘counting my many blessings’ like the hymn I learned in Primary when I was young.  Pages and pages worth of blessings … last night’s list had many small things including having a toothbrush and toothpaste.  Large blessings, the biggies are easy to see in the moment, like seeing 2 more of my grandchildren graduate from high school and having further educational plans and a direction … but was I thankful for the car I drove 450 miles, the fuel in the car, good roads, no accidents, convenient pit-stops, no rain, my daughter for having a guest room, etc. etc. etc. … well, you can see how long and how fast a list of blessings can blossom.

Later I’ll be heading to Hobby Lobby for my  solo “Artist Date” which is another tool in the process.  I love Hobby Lobby … I think I’ll leave my debit card home.

And if you’d like to hear or learn Count Your Blessings … click here or click here