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Michelangelo’s David – Pure Joy


I was not prepared for the overpowering, breath-taking beauty of Michelangelo’s David as we entered the Galleria dell’ Accademia in Florence Italy.

The magnificence and perfection of the young David in the strength of his faith and youth brought me to tears. Not just wet eyes, but tears running freely down my face bursting forth from the overwhelming joy I felt witnessing such beauty.

How grateful I am to have stood in awe and wonder of Michelangelo who brought forth perfection from marble that joy continues to live in my heart and fills my soul. Michelangelo’s David is the piece of art for which I am most grateful. 



Last weekend’s Penrod cousin’s party in West Jordan Utah was a memorable success! We were disappointed that about 1/2 didn’t/weren’t able to come … we really missed them! Their absence was keenly felt and there were holes in our collective memories without them there. It is so true that you don’t realize that something is missing in your heart until it is filled .. and oh how it was filled! As the doorbell rang each time there was a catch in my throat and I at times ran down the walk to hug someone I would burst into tears; my joy could not be contained!  Memories flooded my mind and my heart and even now my eyes are filled to overflowing and what a blessing it was to gather together!  Kris(Penrod John) had started to restore many of grandma and grandpa’s old photographs (what a wonderful gift) when she is finished I will upload them to my website for everyone to access. Lisa (Nicol Dutton) kept asking trivia questions like what cookies did grandma keep in the cookie jar? gingersnaps. Kris asked what kind of candy did grandpa keep in his pocket (for us)? butterscotch pieces. I couldn’t capture here all we learned of 35 plus years of our collective lives but this has to be one of the biggies … Gary (Nielsen) and his wife Sharon together have 17 children, two 17 year olds still at home … and I thought my family was large … they put that into perspective didn’t they? We all decided that 4 hours wasn’t enough and we had a such a joyful time that we plan on another party toward the end of the summer.

We talked of our lives, our children and grandchildren, we remembered our childhood and the love of and for our grandparents and our parents; we left one another the same way we met with tears in our eyes, joy in our hearts and gratitude to our Father in Heaven for His blessings of family ties … here and now and for eternity… Families Can Be Together Forever!

Check out the party slide show on my youtube channel … keri’s family connections or why not take a few minutes and watch it now?



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