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Grateful for The BEST Book EVER !!


Today’s gratitude question was a no brainer for me … For What Book are you Most Grateful … The Book of Mormon,  The sense of peace and the depth of spiritual knowledge contained within its pages testify to me daily that it is what it claims to be, Another Testament of Jesus Christ.

Best book ever … The Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ

If you’ve ever wondered if God knows you, if you’ve ever desired to know where you came from, or where we go when we die, if you’ve ever felt a stranger upon this earth read The Book of Mormon.  If you sincerely desire to know the truth of this inspired book, read it, and pray as you read and the Lord God will witness to you of its divine origin and mission.

I encourage you to follow the admonition of Moroni, the last Prophet of the Nephites, who sealed the book up unto the Lord to be brought forth in God’s time. I encourage you to read this book and when you do you’ll find out why it is The Best Book Ever!

I exhort you when ye read these things, if it be wisdom in God that ye should read them, that ye would remember how merciful the Lord hath been unto the children of men, even from the creation of Adam even down unto the time that ye shall receive these things, and ponder it in your heart.

And when ye shall receive these things, I would exhort you that ye would ask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ, if these things are not true; and if ye shall ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Christ, he will manifest the truth of it unto you by the power of the Holy Ghost.

And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things. ~Moroni 10:3-5


Grateful for Bread


Fresh from the oven

I am grateful for BREAD in all of its forms … homemade and baked fresh hot from the oven, bagels boiled, baked and then toasted slathered with cream cheese, english muffins topped with a fresh poached egg and hollandaise sauce, hot rolls and butter on our Sunday dinner table, and hot from the oil scones or fry bread. Bread, it’s my comfort food, my go-to when I need a little nosh. A single slice of bread with peanut butter & jam, or with butter dusted with cinnamon-sugar or wrapped around a hotdog as a bun.  I am very grateful I’m not gluten-sensitive or intolerant  and I’m very sorry for those who have such challenges.

Mouth-watering Fry Bread … where is the honey?

My life would be sad indeed without bread for my body, but most sad without the Bread of Life, Jesus Christ, our Savior. How grateful I am for my testimony witnessed by the Holy Spirit

“I am the bread of life”

that He is the source of all spiritual nourishment and as we turn to and come unto him he saves us. He is the Bread of Life.




Hey y’all! I’m holding out for No Christmas before Thanksgiving Day … I’m not buying a gift, or Christmas cards, nope, nothin’. I’m going even more extreme … No Christmas before December 1st! No black Friday for me.

I’m in ponder mode; what am I grateful for. I’ve been remembering how very, very blessed I am.  I’m remembering the days and years that I lacked everything; faith, hope, a steady income, transportation, even a telephone or heat in my house in winter. But I never lacked for love and care from my family and friends. Love I can never repay.

Yesterday I started out my 30 days of thanksgiving with love and gratitude for all of the wondrous souls in my life … obviously there’s not enough room for every picture, or every memory … but … you are all STUCK in my heart. You ‘ain’t’ goin’ no where.  That’s what love is, don’tchaknow?

Hey! Doyawannaknow what 4 days, 925 miles and uncountable smiles looks like?

Me & Beautiful Alexus Gdaughter #2

Me & Beautiful Alexus Gdaughter #2

Thursday: Sister & Friend’s day; pumpkin waffles for lunch then shrimp for dinner. That’s a good way to start a vacation!

Friday: First road trip with my granddaughter Alexus. We went south to visit her dad and my son Clayton. It is so cool to find friendship beyond gma/gdaughter roles!

img_3873Friday Night! 17th Annual Grandma Keri Pumpkin Day hosted at my daughter’s home … (Angie, that’s what happens when your mom moves 500 miles away and keeps having parties when she’s around.  You’re wonderful!)

Kaylee, Alexus & Abby

Kaylee, Alexus & Abby

Saturday started out with a Kneaders Bakery & Cafe for Breakfast with Kaylee Quinn & Abby (we had to eat quickly because we slept in).

Then off to yell loudly for AF at their first cheer competitions of the season with Megan De (Yeah AF! 2nd).

We hustled out of the gym after AF competed and busted over to the semi-final 3rd grade football game with Michael #22.  (sadly they lost)

Chyanne ... Baby Shower!

Chyanne … Baby Shower!

Taking an activity breather, we stopped at home to rid the kitchen floors of pumpkin guts before we headed over to Paradise Bakery where we baby showered Chyanne who’s waiting ‘impatiently’ for my 2nd great-grandchild … ?? Not me! I’m way too young. LOL

Sunday, my travel back north day, I ended my tornado trip with a quiet brunch at Roosters in Layton with my youngest son Steve ON his 35th Bday.

Steve with his Grandpa Keith

Steve with his Grandpa Keith

I was so excited to see him and his wife, Aarin that I totally forgot to take any pictures at all! Maybe my next trip down to familyland we can get together for a photo op.  In the meantime, here’s a flash back.

I am so very grateful for the gifts of love, family and friends. My life would be poor and dark without you.

Remember! #nochristmasbeforethanksgiving


Gratitude Mode is Powerful!

Alexus ... the Fireball!

Alexus … the Fireball! Grad 2016!

Dakota ... long boarder surpreme! Grad 2016!!

Dakota … long boarder supreme! Grad 2016!!

I’m into gratitude mode … contemplating all of the good and beauty around me. I keep rediscovering the power of gratitude  (how easy it is to forget and get sucked into woe is me mode) … Last week I started my journey with Julia Cameron and following her guide to discovering creativity and meaning at midlife and beyond. Start the day with Morning Pages; 3 8 x 11 long-hand, free thought writing each morning (just as you wake up). It’s one of my favorite things to lay on the edge of wakefulness and let my mind wander where it will while I gather lost thoughts from sleep and open to the possibilities of the new day.  These morning pages are letting me capture those thoughts, feelings, and intentions rather than having them float away with full consciousness.

It’s been within the morning pages that I have rediscovered and had gratitude reignited in my heart … getting outside of my whiny self and truthfully see the abundance in my life. I literally have been ‘counting my many blessings’ like the hymn I learned in Primary when I was young.  Pages and pages worth of blessings … last night’s list had many small things including having a toothbrush and toothpaste.  Large blessings, the biggies are easy to see in the moment, like seeing 2 more of my grandchildren graduate from high school and having further educational plans and a direction … but was I thankful for the car I drove 450 miles, the fuel in the car, good roads, no accidents, convenient pit-stops, no rain, my daughter for having a guest room, etc. etc. etc. … well, you can see how long and how fast a list of blessings can blossom.

Later I’ll be heading to Hobby Lobby for my  solo “Artist Date” which is another tool in the process.  I love Hobby Lobby … I think I’ll leave my debit card home.

And if you’d like to hear or learn Count Your Blessings … click here or click here

Bilbo Baggins is my Hero

You gotta have a motto!

You gotta have a motto!

If you’ve kept up with my last few posts you’ll notice a theme … I’m feeling a bit, what’s the word? Retired? Yep. Retired. Accepting that word as opposed to the phrase ‘Not Working Anymore’ has been much to hard to accept.  Creeped me out actually.  When I quit working I left a career that I absolutely loved working for the U.S. Forest Service. Twenty-one years of absolute joy, excitement, and adventure. The last 5 years were pretty close to hell on earth.   I didn’t just quit working I escaped and that made the transition to ‘not working anymore’ a relief. It was a thank goodness I’m alive relief … more than that, thank goodness I didn’t toss anyone down the stairs relief.  But now it’s time to put those last 5 years into a box, tape it up and toss it into the incinerator. I just have to let it go and remember the 21 years I loved working and making a difference … maybe that is what I am sensing is missing … making a difference?

It’s starting … the 12 week book adventure I’m going on … Julia Cameron’s  It’s Never to Late to Begin Again:Discovering Creativity and Meaning at Midlife and Beyond.  I’ve started reading. Today I am starting with morning pages, a walk, and a mental walk-about … to seek and find something more, something new, something old or find just me..

I admit I’m feeling a bit like Bilbo Baggins leaving Bag End the second time … knowing the time is ripe for change and new adventures.

The Road goes ever on and on 

Down from the door where it began. 

Now far ahead the Road has gone,

And I must follow, if I can,

Pursuing it with eager feet,

Until it joins some larger way

Where many paths and errands meet.

And whither then? I cannot say!*

*Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Book 1, Fellowship of the Ring

What’dya Get?


What do you get when you squeeze 18 people into one 900 square foot cabin & 5 tents then add RAIN? A muddy, squishy, laughing, complaining, exciting gun shooting, cave scraping, hotdog roasting, smore’s eating Memorial weekend.

Although southern Utah didn’t make national news with the amount of rain that fell we all agreed that these were the wettest days we’ve spent at the cabin in 17 years … the road in rivaled a good redneck mud bog. 4-wheel drive mandatory. After a solid afternoon, night & morning of rain we escaped by cramming into four 4×4’s, slid and skidded through the mud bog and escaped to Kanab, Utah. A friendly little town with a big history and the BEST chicken fried steak from Houston’s Trails End restaurant on main street.

Walking Dead Audition

Walking Dead Audition

We (18 minus 2 teenagers who opted to remain at the cabin) descended on the Kanab Movie Museum which is a collection of rescued movie sets from films like Sergeant’s 3 (with the ‘Rat Pack’) and The Outlaw Jose Wales (Clint Eastwood).  http://www.littlehollywoodmuseum.org/

From Kanab we headed east to Johnson Canyon (http://www.v isitsouthernutah.com/Johnson-Canyon) and drove north to what is left of the Bunting Ranch to see petroglyphs from the car … rain rain go away.

For the animal lovers in the group our next stop was the Best Friend’s Animal Sanctuary (http://bestfriends.org/The-Sanctuary/Explore-the-Sanctuary/) where we anticipated a tour … wrong! All the tour spots were full …NOW what?

We circled the wagons at a pull-off to the Coral Pink Sand Dunes for a fire, hotdogs, and a confab on what to do next … THEN a minivan pulls in next to us and the driver starts to question us on our intentions … they owned the property next to the public turnout.

A little rain won't stop us!

A little rain won’t stop us!

Explaining our dilemma she told us they had been cave scraping up the road and showed us the fruit of their labor. Jars filled with multicolored layers of sand. Well that perked us up!

After a drive back into Kanab for jelly jars we climbed red rock foothills to a cave that made Joseph’s coat of many colors look grayscale. Explosions of smiles and exclamations of wonder that we had never in 20 plus years known this cave existed accompanied scraping sand grains into glass containers.

How totally cool! IMG_1238and there were only 3 broken jars … 1 on the way up and two on the way down…all shards of glass cleaned up, and new jars refilled by eager artists.

IMG_1241Day Two began the same as Day One … rain rain go away … please?

Safety Reminder

Safety Reminder

Packing lunch, guns and ammo we bounced and slid through the mud bog’s now deeper soupier ruts and  headed to Kanab’s well designed and maintained shooting range where Grandpa Greg (master gunsmith) gave instruction and ran a well-ordered and safe shooting experience for all.

What is totally awesome? Shooting the 22 rifles he built for each of the grandsons when they turned 12.

Pop cans & targets don't stand a chance

Pop cans & targets don’t stand a chance

Yeah! A redrock slot canyon

Peekaboo Trailhead … slot canyon hiking

From the shooting range the group split up and Sweetie, the older grand-kids and I followed a sand and wash road to the Peekaboo Trailhead and took an easy hike through this breathtaking slot canyon.

Of course Day 3, leaving day for the main group, was filled with sunshine and the smells of Ponderosa Pine and wood smoke. Many hands made camp tear down easy a boisterous tumult of tents pulled, trucks packed and a final camp check clean up.

Sweetie and I waved them away, smiled, pulled chairs into the sunshine and opened our books.

Another year of Memorial weekend cabin memories for the scrapbook and photo albums … I’m a bit nostalgic; the cabin is for sale, 2 grandson’s graduated from high school .. one has enlisted and the other is heading for college … 3 more grandchildren will graduate next year. Isn’t life wonderful? My bucket is full of hugs, laughter, and love.

I am blessed. Life is Good. Thank you God for Everything!

Grateful for You Most of All


Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak for 20 minutes in my church’s sacrament meeting; my topic was gratitude.  Not gratitude in a general way but gratitude as a choice not only in good times but most importantly during the bad; when we are afraid, torn, battered or lost. The Lord commanded that we give thanks in all things and to have a prayer in our hearts at all times…easy to say, fairly difficult to do.  But, when I try and I get it, even for a moment, everything changes.  In preparing I asked family and friends their take on gratitude and universally the response was that it changes everything; negative vibrations to positive ones, opening my eyes to see what I have rather than what I think I lack. Looking back over times I’d classify as bad, very bad, and extremely, horribly, disgustingly, terribly bad and those that seem good all have turned out to be blessings; though while I was in dark and terrible moment, hours, days, weeks, months and years there was no way I’d have ever said it was or would ever be a blessing.  But, God does know us, he knows what he is making of us…we are the gold and silver he is refining and asking us to choose to live with gratitude in our circumstances rather than thankful just for the good things is one way he is helping us grow in his image. Caveat, I still desire to be thankful all the abundance  and the multitude of blessings I don’t deserve… and to you my family, friends who’ve become family, friends who will become family, strangers who will become friends I am grateful for you most of all!