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Serendipity Builds a Faerie House


Faerie House Plan … MK Taylor Architect

Yesterday, I took MK’s plan and wandered into a world of faerie and dreams.  A few weeks ago when some of my grands were visiting I asked them to design some fairy houses so we could build a village in the back aspen grove. Mostly I got rolled eyes, but MK took me up on my request … he left his plan for me on the desk in his room.

After several days and many thoughts on how to build his modern design I came upon a dead-end.  A major sticking point was  building a box … a box to become a home for spiders and bugs instead of faeries.  It needed to be solid. My last thought was that I might have to buy a large 10 x 10 post and cut it down to size and shape and then try to add some character to it … I wasn’t too excited by that thought … so I just put it out there, knowing the right bits and pieces would eventually come together to bring MK’s plan to life.

The perfect farie house

The Perfect Faerie House

Serendipity! Last week I was sauntering down the Weiser River Trail near our Council Idaho place and found this perfect piece of wood.

It was the tail-end of a rotted rail road tie buried beneath a bush. When I spied it hidden in the shadows my mind shouted, PERFECT! Bulky and awkward I carried it baby style over my hip hauling it about 1/2 mile before tossing it in the back of the Escape.

Yesterday, the weather was perfect, nothing was demanding my thoughts nor my time … so I gathered all of the bits and bobbles I had been collecting, tuned into a Pandora station and 2 hours later … voila!! The perfect faerie house! I think it’s perfect. I haven’t heard from the architect yet.

I love bits and pieces kind of days when everything I’ve sent into the universe comes together, perfectly.




What’dya Get?


What do you get when you squeeze 18 people into one 900 square foot cabin & 5 tents then add RAIN? A muddy, squishy, laughing, complaining, exciting gun shooting, cave scraping, hotdog roasting, smore’s eating Memorial weekend.

Although southern Utah didn’t make national news with the amount of rain that fell we all agreed that these were the wettest days we’ve spent at the cabin in 17 years … the road in rivaled a good redneck mud bog. 4-wheel drive mandatory. After a solid afternoon, night & morning of rain we escaped by cramming into four 4×4’s, slid and skidded through the mud bog and escaped to Kanab, Utah. A friendly little town with a big history and the BEST chicken fried steak from Houston’s Trails End restaurant on main street.

Walking Dead Audition

Walking Dead Audition

We (18 minus 2 teenagers who opted to remain at the cabin) descended on the Kanab Movie Museum which is a collection of rescued movie sets from films like Sergeant’s 3 (with the ‘Rat Pack’) and The Outlaw Jose Wales (Clint Eastwood).  http://www.littlehollywoodmuseum.org/

From Kanab we headed east to Johnson Canyon (http://www.v isitsouthernutah.com/Johnson-Canyon) and drove north to what is left of the Bunting Ranch to see petroglyphs from the car … rain rain go away.

For the animal lovers in the group our next stop was the Best Friend’s Animal Sanctuary (http://bestfriends.org/The-Sanctuary/Explore-the-Sanctuary/) where we anticipated a tour … wrong! All the tour spots were full …NOW what?

We circled the wagons at a pull-off to the Coral Pink Sand Dunes for a fire, hotdogs, and a confab on what to do next … THEN a minivan pulls in next to us and the driver starts to question us on our intentions … they owned the property next to the public turnout.

A little rain won't stop us!

A little rain won’t stop us!

Explaining our dilemma she told us they had been cave scraping up the road and showed us the fruit of their labor. Jars filled with multicolored layers of sand. Well that perked us up!

After a drive back into Kanab for jelly jars we climbed red rock foothills to a cave that made Joseph’s coat of many colors look grayscale. Explosions of smiles and exclamations of wonder that we had never in 20 plus years known this cave existed accompanied scraping sand grains into glass containers.

How totally cool! IMG_1238and there were only 3 broken jars … 1 on the way up and two on the way down…all shards of glass cleaned up, and new jars refilled by eager artists.

IMG_1241Day Two began the same as Day One … rain rain go away … please?

Safety Reminder

Safety Reminder

Packing lunch, guns and ammo we bounced and slid through the mud bog’s now deeper soupier ruts and  headed to Kanab’s well designed and maintained shooting range where Grandpa Greg (master gunsmith) gave instruction and ran a well-ordered and safe shooting experience for all.

What is totally awesome? Shooting the 22 rifles he built for each of the grandsons when they turned 12.

Pop cans & targets don't stand a chance

Pop cans & targets don’t stand a chance

Yeah! A redrock slot canyon

Peekaboo Trailhead … slot canyon hiking

From the shooting range the group split up and Sweetie, the older grand-kids and I followed a sand and wash road to the Peekaboo Trailhead and took an easy hike through this breathtaking slot canyon.

Of course Day 3, leaving day for the main group, was filled with sunshine and the smells of Ponderosa Pine and wood smoke. Many hands made camp tear down easy a boisterous tumult of tents pulled, trucks packed and a final camp check clean up.

Sweetie and I waved them away, smiled, pulled chairs into the sunshine and opened our books.

Another year of Memorial weekend cabin memories for the scrapbook and photo albums … I’m a bit nostalgic; the cabin is for sale, 2 grandson’s graduated from high school .. one has enlisted and the other is heading for college … 3 more grandchildren will graduate next year. Isn’t life wonderful? My bucket is full of hugs, laughter, and love.

I am blessed. Life is Good. Thank you God for Everything!


Last weekend’s Penrod cousin’s party in West Jordan Utah was a memorable success! We were disappointed that about 1/2 didn’t/weren’t able to come … we really missed them! Their absence was keenly felt and there were holes in our collective memories without them there. It is so true that you don’t realize that something is missing in your heart until it is filled .. and oh how it was filled! As the doorbell rang each time there was a catch in my throat and I at times ran down the walk to hug someone I would burst into tears; my joy could not be contained!  Memories flooded my mind and my heart and even now my eyes are filled to overflowing and what a blessing it was to gather together!  Kris(Penrod John) had started to restore many of grandma and grandpa’s old photographs (what a wonderful gift) when she is finished I will upload them to my website for everyone to access. Lisa (Nicol Dutton) kept asking trivia questions like what cookies did grandma keep in the cookie jar? gingersnaps. Kris asked what kind of candy did grandpa keep in his pocket (for us)? butterscotch pieces. I couldn’t capture here all we learned of 35 plus years of our collective lives but this has to be one of the biggies … Gary (Nielsen) and his wife Sharon together have 17 children, two 17 year olds still at home … and I thought my family was large … they put that into perspective didn’t they? We all decided that 4 hours wasn’t enough and we had a such a joyful time that we plan on another party toward the end of the summer.

We talked of our lives, our children and grandchildren, we remembered our childhood and the love of and for our grandparents and our parents; we left one another the same way we met with tears in our eyes, joy in our hearts and gratitude to our Father in Heaven for His blessings of family ties … here and now and for eternity… Families Can Be Together Forever!

Check out the party slide show on my youtube channel … keri’s family connections or why not take a few minutes and watch it now?



Tears & Laughter