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Git’er Done & Escape!


Yard wandering… uh, not really! This week was git’er done, git’er done … The almost daily rain in May and early June (rain! wonderful rain!) put a damper on planting the greenlings, then vacation and graduations and then procrastination.

Greenlings in Anticipation

Greenlings in Anticipation

There’s a downside to procrastination … our veggie harvest will be late, then fire season will begin and we’ll be hither and thither. The upside of my procrastination (at least from my neighbors viewpoint) is they will reap the bounty of our harvest (which they totally like).

This week;s to-do’s have included amend the grow boxes and plant tomatoes (lots of tomatoes), basil, mixed peppers, poblano peppers, carrots, onions, beans, squash … though poor watermelon didn’t transplant well.

A New Home for the Greenlings

A New Home for the Greenlings

It was also fix and expand the drip system, and attack the ants which are undermining the patio, and the fire pit, and the lawn, and the garage, and the garden boxes … it’s an invasion! It’s like my yard is the staging site for an expanded colonization attack. I sprayed multitudinous amounts of Diazinon down each visible ant pile. Yes, I know, it’s a chemical, but I have tried every ‘earth friendly’ way to combat the invaders … grits, ant traps and hotels, and floods of water … we all have a tipping point so don’t judge.

Since I’ve been in high gear yard mode I enlisted my two youngest grand-kids to ‘help’. They’ve painted and stained new planting boxes and the new trellis and sprayed vinegar on weeds in exchange for doing things that ‘aren’t boring’; zoo, movies, bike rides, park picnics … the trellis has been a half finished project for years, yes, years!

Trellis in Anticipation (year 6)

Trellis in Anticipation (year 6)

… this is the garden entry trellis as it has looked for years. Sweetie put in the small garden entry fence to corral our new puppy (6 years ago). I determined I would finish that shelved project and hauled the chop saw and jig-saw out to the side yard and tackled the trellis!  One more ugly unfinished project (almost complete), the completed project will be a fully painted fence with flower/herb pots to grace it.

Almost completed Trellis ... maybe next week

Almost completed Trellis … maybe next week

I’ll finish it next week.

I’m not really procrastinating … at least in the true sense of the word. We escaped the city  (ahhhhh) relocating north to Council for the week where we’ll make wood fired pizza, take 4-wheeler rides, fish at the reservoir and I’m thinking about building a bird house or two before the littles head home to continue their summer.

I loved spending weekends with my grandparents. I remember early mornings with my grandmother, weeding and planting before the sun rose too high.  There was dew on the lawn and air was cool and the soil smelled clean and fresh. I didn’t know it then, but she planted more than flower seeds; my love of gardening grew from those hours with her and dawn’s pink summer streaked skies awakened my love of early morning peace before the world wakes.

I have these lovely memories with my grandmother … I hope my grand-kids don’t only remember another trip to Lowe’s …