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Grateful for HV/N*1=P


While I was walking our pudlepointers Mala and Tinkr and pondering today’s gratitude thought For What in Nature am I Grateful. I was kind of overwhelmed when I started to enumerate all of nature. Now that really is a big question isn’t it? Or at least I thought it was … nature is HUGE!

Having just spent the morning down in the ‘big city’, rushing and running and keeping appointments and driving two hours north and all the stuff one does at when returning home I realized excess energy was coursing through my body, unseen high vibrations generated from high vibrations reverberating from multitudes of other people’s high vibrations.

IMG_0574_14It was then that I realized what I am grateful for in nature … it is peace.

As I walked the trail, smelling bruised sage where the dogs ran after vanishing quail, watching the last of the evening’s light close over the western ridges I felt all that excess energy drift away.

Peace is the finest gift of nature and what I am most grateful for at the close of this day.



The Missing Sound


What Sound am I Grateful for Today?  So far today my favorite sound is the crackling of the wood stove because it is cold inside this morning. How grateful I am for being able to hear the crunch of my footsteps down the gravel drive, the bark and yip of puppy and older dog tugging a branch through the bushes, the boil and bubble of heated water for tea, and living so far from my family the sound of an arriving text or the ding of an incoming call.

But I’m missing sounds this morning the sound of the summer’s birds flitting through the sagebrush in the yard, the rush of the spring dried up over the summer, and the sound of voices I won’t hear again on this earth. So, I’ll be calling you soon, just to hear your voice and tell you I love you.

November Gratitude 3


We’ve made it to Seattle through a gray and rainy day. We bypassed the Castle Rock turnoff for a drive by of Mt. St. Helen’s because the clouds were so low. Maybe next time.

Today’s gratitude thought is For What color am I grateful ?

Immediately the color of a mid-summer blue sky viewed from my back while I lay on fresh green lawn listening to laundry flapping gently in the morning breeze.

You know the perfect blue which begs you to stop breathing and watch that one white cloud hang as if from a swinging spider’s silken thread.

The blue that makes a robin’s egg appear washed out next to it. A blue so pure it can break your heart trying to hold on to it.

That’s the color I am grateful for today in this gray sweater of a day … like Frederick it is a color I’ve saved in my memory that brightens my heart and I know under any gray or darkened day there is that blue, that perfect blue, pure shining sky just there.

You can see it, can’t you?

November Gratitude 2


Portland in sunshine was an unexpected smile for the day.

In addition to For What Technology am I Grateful?

I picked something big like cars for transportation instead of a wagon behind horses. Then I thought about phones to speak to family far away instead of waiting for a letter from across the miles. Then E said Skype to see face to face.

Then electric ice cream maker was Sweetie’s suggestion rather than a bucket with ice and turning a large crank for hours to enjoy sweet goodness.

Our lives are much better with technology, but at times I think the best technology is the off switch.

November Gratitude 1


The past 10 days has sucked my emotions dry…I need to remember I have more to be grateful for than I do to be sad over.

I’m choosing to focus on Light, focus on Joy, and focus on Love and heal my heart. You may have seen the gratitude challenges all over the web…I picked one from Pinterest…

What smell am I grateful for today?

The first smell of my day today … moisty misty air cleansed by night rain. Every breath fresh, every breath replacing stagnant energy and kicking me in gear.

I say with every breath This Smells So Good! Then I smile.

Choose Optimism!


This quote says it all this morning … it lightened my heart and set my feet on a good path for the day. (Thanks to my youngest niece Sister Madelyn Dutton, called to serve an 18 month mission to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in Washington D.C.)

“Cultivate an attitude of happiness. Cultivate a spirit of optimism. Walk with faith, rejoicing in the beauties of nature, in the goodness of those you love, in the testimony which you carry in your heart concerning things divine. 

The Lord’s plan is a plan of happiness. The way will be lighted, the worries will be fewer, the confrontations will be less difficult if we cultivate a spiriting of happiness.”

~Gordon B. Hinckley (1910 – 2008) Prophet & President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints  (1995 – 2008) 

If you are in D.C. stop by the Visitor Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and feel the spirit.

Making this mama’s heart sing … my kids, minus 1.




What’s so good about blue skies? We’ve been Under fire clouds and smoke more than a month. I felt like I’ve been living in Portland or Seattle or somewhere on the coast, it was so gray and hazy. I’m just happy! I’m walking the dogs and the sky is blue and there’s a few clouds in the sky. There are fire scars across the road but life is good! And we are very blessed.

Don’t you love the picture hunting dogs hunting — Mala 10 years old and Tinker five months old.