When, Not If, Something Will Happen


Dear Family – With all the turmoil in the world; fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, wars, besides the crazy political upheaval, we have had you on our minds – a lot. The other night I had the distinct impression to encourage you to:


(1) Put together 72-hour survival packs to KEEP in your car. We never know where we might be when we need to just hunker down. We may be alone, our cell phones may have no connection (earthquakes for example can drop a tower in a second, break up roads so we can’t drive, a dam may break and wash away any roads) … see where I’m going? What if you have to walk out to safety? Likely there won’t be any concerted efforts by police, or government to find and rescue you.  You will be on your own. Will you be prepared?

(2) DEVELOP an emergency plan that when something happens and you are separated. What would you do? Where would you go? Maybe think about a contact number for someone who lives outside your area to serve as a message center.

(3) BEGIN to put some food and water storage & saving an emergency fund. Start small a can or two extra each week you buy your groceries, build up enough for say 2 weeks, then a month, then a little more until you can take care of yourselves for 3 months (food & water) in case of long-term need. It isn’t necessarily a natural disaster, but the loss of a job (like the covid-19 pandemic), or world-wide financial collapse (like in 2008). 

Well, that’s what’s been on my mind and that I’ve been prompted to encourage you not to put off preparing. And this thought also has run through my mind as I’m writing this.  If you are prepared you need not fear.

Please – Just start – Do what you can

Ideas for 72-hr Pack (going for high calorie/low weight) in case you have to carry your pack.


Basic Materials needed per person/per pack:

 1 two liter pop bottle filled with water
 Food items listed below
 Duct Tape, Large Garbage Bag(s)
 Large Gallon Ziploc Bag(s) for packing food items & other items
 Any Medicines You Need
 First-Aid Kit
 Waterproof Matches or Full Lighter
 Flashlight & Extra Batteries

Food Items:

 2 packs of chewing gum
 2 packets hot chocolate mix &/or 2 packets of instant coffee
 1 ½ cups trail mix or small package peanuts
 2 sticks beef jerky (for the vegetarian option, considering replacing the beef jerky with vegan jerky).         
 1 small can fruit or apple juice
 2 packets apple cider instant mix
 1 two-liter pop bottle filled with water
 13 pieces hard candy
 2 fruit roll ups
 3 packages soda crackers
 1 can hearty soup (pop top)
 2 instant soup mix pkg
 4 granola / energy



Note: Write the Date packed on the outside of the Ziploc bag & Refresh your food yearly. Print this file to attach to your 72-hour Survival Pack

Possible Menu Use– 

Day 1: Breakfast 2 granola bars,   1 can fruit or apple juice – Lunch 1 package soup mix (or noodles), 1 package soda crackers  Dinner: 1 stick beef jerky (vegan jerky), 1 fruit rollSnacks: 4 pieces candy & 3 sticks gum

Day 2 Breakfast: 3/4 of the trail mix, 1 hot chocolate or instant coffee Lunch: 1 stick beef jerky (or vegan jerky), 1 apple cider, Dinner: 1 canned soup variety, 1 package soda (or cheese) cracker Snacks: 5 pc candy/3 gum

Day 3 Breakfast: 3/4 of the trail mix,  1 apple cider Lunch: 1 package soup mix (or noodles),  1 package soda crackers Dinner: 2 granola bars, 1 fruit roll, 1 hot chocolate mix Snacks: 4 pieces candy & 3 sticks gum

Additional Items


Sleeping Bag

Water Purifier

Dust Mask

Good Walking Shoes or Boots


Seasonal Coat/Gloves/Hat – Change of Clothes

Heating Water Source – I suggest a Jet-Boil & Fuel (It can be used to heat water and as a pan)

Paper Towels

Toilet Paper & Moist Wipes & Sanitizer

Feminine Hygiene

Baby/Children Needs (Formula, Diapers, Toys etc)

Playing Cards

Paper / Pen (for notes or directions)

Maps of the area you are traveling in

Small Tarp with jump-line (for shelter if needed)

Solar or Windup Portable Radio



This isn’t meant to frighten you, or cause you to panic, or to turn into a ‘prepper’, but it is prudent to be aware and prepare for the ups and downs of life. There are a lot of great websites to learn more about preparedness and self-reliance. The more you know, the better prepared you can be.  It is your job to take care of yourself. Do not count on ‘someone’ coming to ‘save you’.  Prepare every needful thing. We

So ... what do you think?

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