Lovin’ this Body!!


I’ve spent my share of hours complaining that my body wasn’t this, wasn’t that. I’ve compared my body to her, and her. I’ve compared my older self with my younger self. I’ve compared my waist size to a barbie doll. In those comparisons there was never a thing that was uplifting; nothing loving, nothing kind, nothing strengthening, nothing enlightening, only a darkening of my mind and my heart.

Then one day I learned a truth … a truth that resonated throughout my soul.  I am not my body. I am a daughter of the Heavenly King, and I am an eternal being with purpose and potential. My body is the vehicle God has given me to accomplish his will here upon this earth and it doesn’t matter what size I am, what color I am, how tall or short I am. When my time comes to return home to Him and have left this body behind it will only matter that I used His gift of this body to accomplish his will; to love as he has loved, use my hands to serve as He has served, and if I used this gift to be a gift to my brothers and sisters.

For what about my body am I grateful?  I am grateful that I have a body to be grateful for each day.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience”.
~pierre teilhard de chardi


So ... what do you think?

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