Grateful for Tickled Tastebuds


Home grown taste bud tickler

For what taste am I grateful for today? A single taste? One special flavor? Is it summer or winter? Today is halfway through fall when lemonade days have faded into warm teas, but it is not quite hot chocolate time in front of the fire. So while I can’t pick one special flavor or taste  …  at this very minute I am grateful for the cinnamon-raisin bagel with a light smear of cream cheese and this perfectly heated cup of licorice tea that are tickling my taste buds after a brisk morning walk.

Time to sip the last of the tea, toss the bagel crumbs and napkin and head out again into the fall sunshine … rake some leaves, trims some bushes and maybe while I’m working I’ll think of another taste that I can be grateful for at lunch.




So ... what do you think?

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