Pick a Memory … I Dare Ya




For what memory am I grateful? I am grateful for the gift of memory. I can’t pick a single one to share and yet sitting here flipping through memories I’m reliving ones that make me smile and laugh, memories that make me cry and I remember broken hearts. I am finding memories full of joyful tears and a heart that is so full of love that it bursts each time I hold them close. There are the memories of fear, and aloneness, memories of my own quiet desperation and despair. Memories of triumph and memories of failure. The memories I hold most dear are the ones wrapped around my family and friends who are my family; my Sweetie, my children & their children & their children, children who aren’t me but are my heart. They hold my parents, friends from then and friends from now and family near and far.

Memories that are me, my tapestry, the ever changing me. Today’s memories include baking a cake from my sister’s recipe, bread from my grandmother’s recipe, meatloaf adapted from my mother’s recipe and as I baked and cooked I remember them and that makes my today’s memories make me smile. Other memories from today are riding my bike along with Tinkr as she learns new smells to hunt and she saw a cow up close and personal where one had never been before in her lifetime. My memories are of Sweetie’s smiles and hugs and all of these memories of today will make my tomorrow stronger, happier, and full of love.

I’m stealing and rearranging the Lay’s potato chip commercial … For What Memory are you Grateful? I bet you can’t pick just one.


So ... what do you think?

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