Grateful for HV/N*1=P


While I was walking our pudlepointers Mala and Tinkr and pondering today’s gratitude thought For What in Nature am I Grateful. I was kind of overwhelmed when I started to enumerate all of nature. Now that really is a big question isn’t it? Or at least I thought it was … nature is HUGE!

Having just spent the morning down in the ‘big city’, rushing and running and keeping appointments and driving two hours north and all the stuff one does at when returning home I realized excess energy was coursing through my body, unseen high vibrations generated from high vibrations reverberating from multitudes of other people’s high vibrations.

IMG_0574_14It was then that I realized what I am grateful for in nature … it is peace.

As I walked the trail, smelling bruised sage where the dogs ran after vanishing quail, watching the last of the evening’s light close over the western ridges I felt all that excess energy drift away.

Peace is the finest gift of nature and what I am most grateful for at the close of this day.



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