November Gratitude 3


We’ve made it to Seattle through a gray and rainy day. We bypassed the Castle Rock turnoff for a drive by of Mt. St. Helen’s because the clouds were so low. Maybe next time.

Today’s gratitude thought is For What color am I grateful ?

Immediately the color of a mid-summer blue sky viewed from my back while I lay on fresh green lawn listening to laundry flapping gently in the morning breeze.

You know the perfect blue which begs you to stop breathing and watch that one white cloud hang as if from a swinging spider’s silken thread.

The blue that makes a robin’s egg appear washed out next to it. A blue so pure it can break your heart trying to hold on to it.

That’s the color I am grateful for today in this gray sweater of a day … like Frederick it is a color I’ve saved in my memory that brightens my heart and I know under any gray or darkened day there is that blue, that perfect blue, pure shining sky just there.

You can see it, can’t you?

So ... what do you think?

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