Hey y’all! I’m holding out for No Christmas before Thanksgiving Day … I’m not buying a gift, or Christmas cards, nope, nothin’. I’m going even more extreme … No Christmas before December 1st! No black Friday for me.

I’m in ponder mode; what am I grateful for. I’ve been remembering how very, very blessed I am.  I’m remembering the days and years that I lacked everything; faith, hope, a steady income, transportation, even a telephone or heat in my house in winter. But I never lacked for love and care from my family and friends. Love I can never repay.

Yesterday I started out my 30 days of thanksgiving with love and gratitude for all of the wondrous souls in my life … obviously there’s not enough room for every picture, or every memory … but … you are all STUCK in my heart. You ‘ain’t’ goin’ no where.  That’s what love is, don’tchaknow?

Hey! Doyawannaknow what 4 days, 925 miles and uncountable smiles looks like?

Me & Beautiful Alexus Gdaughter #2

Me & Beautiful Alexus Gdaughter #2

Thursday: Sister & Friend’s day; pumpkin waffles for lunch then shrimp for dinner. That’s a good way to start a vacation!

Friday: First road trip with my granddaughter Alexus. We went south to visit her dad and my son Clayton. It is so cool to find friendship beyond gma/gdaughter roles!

img_3873Friday Night! 17th Annual Grandma Keri Pumpkin Day hosted at my daughter’s home … (Angie, that’s what happens when your mom moves 500 miles away and keeps having parties when she’s around.  You’re wonderful!)

Kaylee, Alexus & Abby

Kaylee, Alexus & Abby

Saturday started out with a Kneaders Bakery & Cafe for Breakfast with Kaylee Quinn & Abby (we had to eat quickly because we slept in).

Then off to yell loudly for AF at their first cheer competitions of the season with Megan De (Yeah AF! 2nd).

We hustled out of the gym after AF competed and busted over to the semi-final 3rd grade football game with Michael #22.  (sadly they lost)

Chyanne ... Baby Shower!

Chyanne … Baby Shower!

Taking an activity breather, we stopped at home to rid the kitchen floors of pumpkin guts before we headed over to Paradise Bakery where we baby showered Chyanne who’s waiting ‘impatiently’ for my 2nd great-grandchild … ?? Not me! I’m way too young. LOL

Sunday, my travel back north day, I ended my tornado trip with a quiet brunch at Roosters in Layton with my youngest son Steve ON his 35th Bday.

Steve with his Grandpa Keith

Steve with his Grandpa Keith

I was so excited to see him and his wife, Aarin that I totally forgot to take any pictures at all! Maybe my next trip down to familyland we can get together for a photo op.  In the meantime, here’s a flash back.

I am so very grateful for the gifts of love, family and friends. My life would be poor and dark without you.

Remember! #nochristmasbeforethanksgiving


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