Went Off-the-Grid for a While


Tell me it isn’t so! No!  It’s not October already, is it? Although September gave me some warning that October was on its way I just didn’t listen and  used up the days and weeks so quickly, like a Popsicle  on the 4th of July. Today, October is showing its gray and cloudy side, not giving a rip that I have outdoor activities to finish before the snow flies … yuck, no snow references yet!  How about I have outdoor activities to finish before the frost kisses the pumpkins in the backyard.

Wandering Keri’s blog has been on hiatus the past 3 weeks … once we picked up the new Camp-in-a-Box we hit our favorite fly fishing rivers here in southwestern Idaho.  No cell coverage, no satellite radio, no news to lay its cold clammy fingers on my neck and make me wince … no, none of that.  Just peace and Sweetie and the cousins from PA.  Pretty near to  heaven!

Count this … 10 days and zero photos. Nadda, zip, ziltch, goose egg.  I took not a single digital keepsake.  And I loved it. I’m telling you that if y’all take a few days off the grid and re-tune your energy fields you’ll love it too!  It’s an amazing feeling … at least after withdrawals.  But, being somewhere and just experiencing it … not seeing it through an LED screen … is energizing.  I have not a single a picture of the deer on the bank,  having a snack, while I flipped and swished my fly line over the ripples and around the rocks. Not a picture of the flock of chucker that blew up like a storm cloud from the side of the road chuck-chucking as they took wing up the mountain. Nor a picture of the maiden voyage of the micro-minnie-winnie … with the new outdoor carpeted space. Nope, just memories.  Perfect.

Missing a couple of us ... Laurie, Kathy, Waundering Keri, Pam

Missing a couple of us Nicol cousins … (l-r) Laurie, Kathy, (Wandering) Keri, Pam

However, when we landed at Casa de Vergari for a few days there was sad news waiting … one of my aunts had passed; so I blasted to Utah to say farewell and hug some of my cousins.

Viaya Con Dios Aunt Jean Robinson

Viaya Con Dios Aunt Jean Robinson

Returning home, we prepped for a weekend in Cove, OR to celebrate the wedding of Sweetie’s god-daughter Nella Mae &  her Hatch (and Hatch’s little lady, Chloe Jane). What a great outpouring of love and joy for these these special people in our lives. The wedding, bluegrass band, bon-fire, cross-cut, food, more food, laughter and song … It takes a team to make the crosscut sing … Greg and Peter on the crosscut saw … remember, Pull don’t Push!

Don’tcha know that when it come right down to it … it isn’t the pictures, or the places, or the doings … it’s our people … those wondrous souls who populate our hearts with joy and love and memories that live deep within and don’t need a photo to prove it happened.

I love you all!

Life is Good and I am Blessed.


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