Serendipity Builds a Faerie House


Faerie House Plan … MK Taylor Architect

Yesterday, I took MK’s plan and wandered into a world of faerie and dreams.  A few weeks ago when some of my grands were visiting I asked them to design some fairy houses so we could build a village in the back aspen grove. Mostly I got rolled eyes, but MK took me up on my request … he left his plan for me on the desk in his room.

After several days and many thoughts on how to build his modern design I came upon a dead-end.  A major sticking point was  building a box … a box to become a home for spiders and bugs instead of faeries.  It needed to be solid. My last thought was that I might have to buy a large 10 x 10 post and cut it down to size and shape and then try to add some character to it … I wasn’t too excited by that thought … so I just put it out there, knowing the right bits and pieces would eventually come together to bring MK’s plan to life.

The perfect farie house

The Perfect Faerie House

Serendipity! Last week I was sauntering down the Weiser River Trail near our Council Idaho place and found this perfect piece of wood.

It was the tail-end of a rotted rail road tie buried beneath a bush. When I spied it hidden in the shadows my mind shouted, PERFECT! Bulky and awkward I carried it baby style over my hip hauling it about 1/2 mile before tossing it in the back of the Escape.

Yesterday, the weather was perfect, nothing was demanding my thoughts nor my time … so I gathered all of the bits and bobbles I had been collecting, tuned into a Pandora station and 2 hours later … voila!! The perfect faerie house! I think it’s perfect. I haven’t heard from the architect yet.

I love bits and pieces kind of days when everything I’ve sent into the universe comes together, perfectly.




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