I’m in, I’m all in


Day 1 … thoughts on a walk … (the recapture the passion plan) … I sat at the door of the Cessna waiting for altitude, my fingers nails cutting half-moons into my palms and adrenaline flowing and my saner self wondering  how I got myself ‘in this position’ when the door burst open, the jump-master gave me the thumbs up and I swung out on the strut … and just hung there. Fear whitened knuckles clutching at crossbars 3400 feet above the green earth and I realized I was committed I couldn’t clamber back inside. I let go screaming an ‘Oh Sh*t’ so loudly they heard me on the ground. But I was in … I was all in.  I was trusting to fabric and para-cord.  After I came to myself from that dark place my mind escaped to when I dropped from that plane’s strut … I looked around, I saw.  I felt. I was alive with every breath and every falling foot of altitude. I landed (a bit hard), I took another deep breath, and said to myself “I want to do that again”!

That’s it! That is one part of my puzzle.  I’m missing … being all in …


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