The List

One thing on My List ... Feed the Greenlings

One thing on My List … Feed the Greenlings

It’s Monday already? I’ve spent the last hour reviewing my to-do list … it’s pretty long and I’m certain I’ve left off something very important that I’ll remember in the middle of doing something that wasn’t actually on the list, but that is more fun, urgent, tempting than what I thought would be important when I wrote my list.

It’s time to move … time to start checking things off of my list … but I wonder sometimes, am I actually doing the most important things? Am I a procrastinator when I don’t follow my plan?

Something to think about while I’m checking off items or adding the ones I impulsively decided to do instead.  I have to see that I’ve accomplished something by the end of the day … or do I?

I was Pinteresting and searched for lists … there are a lot of list makers out there … of course there is ‘the bucket list’, the short & long-term goals list, challenge lists (reading, gratitude, journaling, photography), improvement lists (organization, useful websites, & free stuff. I could fill up my list with all of these other lists and then ‘I’d fail’, I’d think I couldn’t finish anything … I love it that people share their lists. It gives me ‘ideas’ that I mayn’t have thought of … but … for today, my list is longer than a days worth of hours, or even days of days … it’ll keep me out of trouble for certain.

Have a great day .. may it be full of sunshine, your lists be short, and your heart full when you check off those items at the end of the day.



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