Jill of All Trades …


It’s like this … every once in a while I wish I could watercolor like Georgia O’Keefe, I wish I could ski like Picabo Street, reach the top of world class peaks like Edmund Hillary, create a world of words so real it comes to life forever like J.K. Rowling , or grow a garden like my Grandparents …  then I realize that I could never focus on just one thing to reach their levels of expertise.  It’s not my nature.  I am just a jill of all trades.

I’m a lover of attempting. I’m a “give it a go” girl. I’m a “why not” questioner. I’m an “I think I could do that” DIY not afraid to fail kinda gal. Oh I’ve had my share of epic failures and some pretty good  executions … I love to “do” things.

Miss Megan Lovin' her Gma Keri made quilt!

Miss Megan Lovin’ her Gma Keri made quilt!

This morning I watched a pink sunrise, in a couple of hours Sweetie & I are hitting the slopes for a few turns.  I am excited … we’re hauling our fishing gear inside getting ready for a possible late winter fishing trip and I’m also getting myself prepared for a new project … Over the years I’ve made small quilts for my grandkids … fleece and giant quilt squares…. and saved pieces of fabric from most of them.  So I am attempting my first, full size, pieced quilt top using all of those pieces of cloth.  It’s going to be killer-cool … maybe when I die the grand-kids will have a fight over it.  LOL.

The Fabric ...

The Fabric …

This jill is loving the sun coming up and the day starting … Life is good and I am blessed.



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