Waiting for a Haunting …

Yep! That's me.

Yep! That’s me.

Wahoo! Here I am at the worlds LARGEST family history and genealogy tech conference RootsTech in Salt Lake City … 26,000 family history nutz all in one place. I’m just giddy! The keynote speakers are inspiring and the presenters premier.I’m psyched to get home and delve into all of the  tools, tech, and new to me databases for research.

Enthralled I listened to retired NBC Universal executive Paula Williams Madison shared her family’s journey searching for their lost Chinese grandfather and their documentary Finding Samuel Lowe.  Have you ever listened to Storycorps on NPR? This morning I cried listening to stories of inspiration, forgiveness, and love as David Isay shared 9 years of collecting conversations in the Storycorp booths throughout the United States … I’m inspired to download the new storycorps app and capture conversations with my family and friends.

I love all the new tech … like Keepy  a new social media app that can capture video comments on posts or how about Tap Genes, an app which collects your Family Health Tree where all that ‘runs in your family’ is recorded. Or if you’re just beginning to find your family tree this site will give you a fighting chance in the world of research sites … The Family History Guide.

BUT what’s really cool is where I’m staying … honest … two blocks from the Salt Palace Convention Center is the Historic Peery Hotel.  … so what I know you’re asking … so what?



It’s Haunted!  At least that’s what I’ve heard … it’s on the Ghost Tour as one of the top 10 haunted places in Salt Lake City. Alas … I’ve not been haunted.  No unexplained perfume or cigar smoke, no childish laughter in the elevator ,no Moaning Mary in the hall.

Ah, but I have tonight … I’m keeping my fingers crossed.



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