Pierogi Makin’ Time


Final Results … 100 Plus Pierogi


Yummm … Pierogi

I’m loving the beginning of this El Niño … our small ski resort has over 104″ of snow (and that’s before Christmas)! Last weekend we ventured out to the slopes for our first shussh of the year … or at least Sweetie did … I left my knee braces in Boise so I spent the afternoon reading in the grill and watching the snow fall.  It would have been a perfect afternoon except the snow had knocked the power out and there wasn’t a hot chocolate or hot cider to to be had. Drinking ice water on a snowy afternoon?

I’m making up for it this early morning … hot mint tea, a fire, wrapped in a squishy blanket and watching the Christmas tree twinkle.  It’s pierogi making day …  and just what is pierogi I know you are dying to ask … small dough stuffed dumplings filled with cheesy riced potatoes … home-made dough rolled paper thin using the handy dandy pasta noodle maker, round cut using a tuna can, filled with fresh mashed potatoes and cheese … folded and the edges crimped together.  These are popped into a simmering pot of hot water and served topped with  a half-pound of melted butter and browned onions.

This traditional Slovak / Polish dish is hearty … it fills not only the body but the soul.  It is one of the many combined Vergari & Holecko family food traditions we’ve incorporated into our own  Christmas Eve dinners.  Typically it would be 7 different fishes, but like all good traditions we’ve incorporated some whole, changed others, and added a couple of new ones and now we have our own traditional Christmas Eve meal … homemade mushroom soup, pierogi, tuna sauce and spaghetti (I know sounds strange but tastes lovely), and a fish … this year its Dover Sole. Dessert will be Chocolate Pots (ala Peter Vergari) with Chocolate Mousse (ala Me).

… our fingers are crossed  that El Niño winter storms don’t close the passes in the Blue Mountains between Boise & Portland … treacherous in winter … this year Greg’s family is coming over those passes for a few days of Christmas merriment and maybe a day or two on the slopes.  I’m sending prayers heavenward that they will have safe travels on their way here.

So … it’s time … I’ll finish my tea, absorb a bit more warmth from the fire, wake up the Sweetie and then it’s Pierogi makin’ time!

Merry Christmas! May your heart and soul be filled with this season of light and peace …


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