How Cool … Liebster Award


Liebster-Award-Discover-New-BlogsColor me surprised at 5:15 when I opened Wanderingkeri to write my weekly posting . My mind already wondering what the topic might be… then … The surprise, get to the surprise … Abi at Travel Tea Tv nominated my blog for a Liebster Award … Thank You!  A Liebster Award, what is that  ?? my 5:15 brain wondered and after a quick search I found that it really is an award, it only exists in the internet and is given by bloggers to bloggers to help advertise and find new blogs to follow and to support one another. The rules seem simple enough … answer the unique questions posed, ask your own 11 unique questions and nominate 11 other bloggers who have smaller readership or followers. So thanks again Abi and here are the answers to your questions.

Where are you from? I’m writing from southern Idaho, USA … but hale from central Utah, USA. I’m bi-state … or as my Sweetie tells everyone, I live in Idaho but should have a condo back in Utah.

  1. Where would you recommend to others to visit that’s local to you? Well in Idaho or Utah, local is relative … for example; in Boise from where I live I can drive 15 minutes (or ride my bike 30 minutes) to reach a Greenbelt Trailhead. The Greenbelt is a 25 mile treelined park that edges the Boise River which runs through the center of town … Boise also has the Ridges to Rivers, a 180 mile trail system in the surrounding foothills. A bit further (in westernese that anything less than 2 hours away) there is river running on the multiple forked Payette River, or a ways away (again in westernese thats more than 2 hours but maybe less than 5 or 6 hours driving) you can find yourself in Northern Idaho for a ski at Schwitzer or Brundage Mountain,  or pop into Oregon and stop at the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center in Baker City. Drive 5 hours south from Boise and  it’s The Greatest Snow on Earth (of course I’m talking Alta (no snowboarders)), Snowbird, Brighton, Snow Basin or the other GREAT resorts … or wait! are you into natural hot springs? Try ZIMS outside of New Meadows Idaho, or Gold Hill outside of Donnally Idaho, or Crystal Hotsprings in Northern Utah (just off of the freeway exit to Honeyville) … camping anyone … I can run on about things to do here … I’m totally a western outdoors girl.
  2. How would you describe yourself in 3 words? Creative, Adventurous, Loving
  3. Best place you’ve ever been? (City, Country, Museum, Supermarket… Anything.) Since Sweetie and I just returned from an extended trip to Italy, that’s my favorite right now … Campitello or the Dolomites, Venice, Parma … Orbetello.
  4. Worst place you’ve ever been? (Same rules as above) I can’t really say there is a worst place … there have been some hellacious drives through western deserts to places so remote you wonder how people actually live there (uh … McDermitt , Nevada would be one place …) but everywhere has something to catch my eye or my heart no matter how funky it might seem at the time.  Well, thinking about it the road trip through Belieze City, through the Belieze country side and up to the Limestone Cave river tour was probably the worst … the caves were wonderful though.
  5. Favourite shoes to travel in? So glad you asked about my shoes … I am in LOVE with Asolo (the closest I can find to the ones I totally loved are called sunset) … the style I love is, of course , discontinued so I haunt amazon and ebay or search out the closeout stores and when I find them and whether I need a new pair or not, I buy them … that fits in with my being prepared mind mode.
  6. Greatest character you’ve ever met whilst travelling? It would be someone I didn’t actually meet, but witnessed … a single old man, in tears kneeling on the train tracks that ran to the extermination ovens in the Bergen-Belsen extermination camp in Poland. He encompassed for me at that moment the enormity of loss, of pain, of potential denied, of horror and evil, and I wept with him.
  7. What movie can you watch again and again? Wizard of OZ
  8. Favourite hot beverage? Fresh mint tea from my garden.
  9. What’s your go to dish? Either you’d make / order in a restaurant? Steak … medium rare.  Like I said, I’m a western girl.
  10. Finally, if you could live in any era, what would it be? I am drawn to the Renaissance … but if I’m truthful to myself, I don’t think I’d like to live there permanently (I like my creature comforts).  I’m glad for the times and experiences I’ve lived in and through … two millennia and 6 decades, through the cold war and doing the drop and hide under my school desk atomic bomb drills, the psychedelic sixties of my early high school years, the assassination of a president, the attempted assassination of 2 others, man walking on the moon, the Hubble telescope and its opening of our universe with its mind bending photographs and  mechanical heart replacements, but I’d like to forget the wars … too many wars  …

Well, my, that was a quick exploration of my psyche and experiences … Thank you Abi for the opportunity and the nomination.

My nominees for the Liebster Award are:

Musings from Two Medicine Man


Elisabeth @ Texas Craft House




Chris Martin Writes

Robin T. Photo


Through Open Lens

Love Traveling

Check out these great blogs … enjoy their new perspectives and beautiful photography … such wonder in the world there is!  (Yes, I’m practicing my Yoda impressions … )

Again, thanks so much for the nomination! Join me in anticipation of those new nominees and their answers to:

  1. It’s dark, you’re alone, the cat jumps up and runs from the room … what’s next?
  2. Adventures for me means?
  3. I’d rather ________________ than _________________ but then I’d also _________________.
  4. Today I am going to?
  5. Who is your most favorite person?
  6. What makes you smile more than anything else?
  7. When you look over the edge of the tallest mountain, tallest building, or deepest mine what’s the first thing you do and say?
  8. Your most used tag line is what?
  9. What’s your go to travel outfit.
  10. Where have you been that just stopped you cold when you saw it?
  11. When you are lost … what do you do?

I had a new thought!  If you have a mind to answer these questions yourselves … how cool would that be if you’d share them in the comments … Life is GOOD and today I plan to enjoy every minute.

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