Camping Buddies

Big Wood River Ketchum Idaho

Big Wood River Ketchum Idaho

It’s a Wandering Keri update … along with Jill Mower and the beautiful Sawtooth Mountains outside of Ketchum Idaho. We had three days of fishing (and catching) last week. We were on the North Fork of the Big Wood, on the Big Wood and then made a hellacious hike to Norton Lakes. That hike made me feel my age (Oh No! Did I really say that?) Quite a few people blazed past us as we trudged up that mountain and I, who thought I wasn’t in too bad of shape, was taught a lesson.  What was that lesson? That  I’m a low-lander, after living in Boise for 11 years at 2700 feet above sea level. Which means that I complained a lot slogging up that mountain trail to 9000 feet above sea level. (Like there was NO oxygen … at least to my lungs.)

Norton Lakes Hike Sawtooth Mountains Idaho

Norton Lakes Hike Sawtooth Mountains Idaho

We only hiked to the first lake, The Norton Lakes Trail is actually a loop with I understand impressive views. I can only understand because we stopped at the first Lake to fish and did an up and back on the same trail section. Yes, we caught fish, small planters mostly, and talked to the many hikers flying around the lake.

First Norton Lake

First Norton Lake





The Sawtooth Mountains are spectacular, and I always forget how impressive they are cutting a serrated swath through the sky.

Camping, hiking, fishing what is more soothing to the soul? One night I stayed up to watch the Perseids Meteors.  I love a celestial light show.

Jill and I have been friends and hiking/camping buddies for more than 20 years. Some of the more memorable places we’ve explored include Cedar Mesa and it’s hidden canyons and cliff dwellings, Bandelier National Park in New Mexico, Chaco Canyon in a March snowstorm, taking the train between Durango and Silverton (and freezing in the open car).  She’s a friend who I know has my back.

Jill Mower & Me @ Norton Lake

Jill Mower & Me @ Norton Lake

We are, however, on polar opposite sides of any political issue and which could be divisive to our friendship if we allowed that to happen.  So, we mainly have a rule, we avoid politics or religion and we get along. Sometimes we don’t avoid the topics of the day and we become the poster children for the Left and the Right/Liberal and Conservative and the quiet around the campfire or down a hiking trail is broken by heated discussions.  We care about mostly the same issues, but see distinctively different ways to approach them and their solutions.


Mala the Puddlepointer

We didn’t find much common ground on the issues this week but I did read the articles Jill sent to me to prove her position … I haven’t sent her mine yet.

We may never reach consensus on politics but we do have much in common that we do focus on … a great camp site, a warm fire in the evening, heavens filled with brilliant stars above, and the knowledge that friendship, love, and forgiveness are the answers, in the end, to any question.








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