Odd Summer & Ant Mode


What an odd summer it’s been.  It’s been a time of waiting and attempting to fill in hours that normally would be spent in my most favorite occupation, demobilizing people from fire camp. One assignment, that’s all this year with weeks and weeks of waiting. During ‘on call’ weeks (3 on 2 off) I can’t just ‘go’ somewhere because when that call comes it’s leave now.  So, what I usually pack into a week off here and there throughout the summer I’m stretching and looking for new things to occupy my time and imagination. BIg fires in California and the Pacific Northwest, but In the area our fire team covers, well, there aren’t  … it’s been moisty  … another odd thing since winter here was anything but moisty.

Fresh Marinara in the Making

Fresh Marinara in the Making

All this unstructured waiting has created a nervousness about my activities … I feel like I have ADD. I go from one thing to another with not much thought. That is bothering me.  Little things are beginning to irritate me; like the new backyard neighbor’s wind chime. Not that I have much against wind chimes, but when it is mega windy night after night and it just tingle-lingle doing its chime-y thing well … I had to put in ear plugs. I love open windows to hear summer symphonies ; cricket serenades and tree leaf noises rustling in the air.  I start reading a book, then feel guilty I’m reading a book; I should be ‘doing’ something ‘productive’. The few posts I started became rants and I didn’t feel y’all needed that negativity  in your mind.  My mind is bouncing from one idea to the next … mostly how to spend money on things ‘to do’.

Today I started into ant mode … freezing and drying berries and herbs from the garden.  Nothing as spectacular as my cousin Kathy Rice who not only has green thumbs but green hands, arms, and feet … but it’s enough for us to use before next year.  Zucchini’s are finally coming on, tomatoes are ripening and are especially yummy with the fresh basil in a caprese salad or sandwich.  Did you know that the colors of a Caprese salad mimic the Italian flag? I inventoried and made a shopping list to replenish and  resupply my food storage needs.  https://wanderingkeri.com/2015/04/09/im-a-closet-prepper/

I’ve been working on my bartering skills … last week I learned how to use a dado on the table saw and to use the router table.  I’m making some mission style picture frames … my first set turned out fabulously; too bad my measurements were so way off.  Next week I’ll give it another shot.  I did see an art studio downtown advertising a welding class.  I think I might like to try that out … Sweetie’s magic shop has a welder just sitting in the corner… hummmm.

So the team is off rotation and I’ve been on national call for 3 days … no much going on so I’m not waiting any longer … I am heading to Ketchum Idaho to do a little camping, fishing, and hiking with my friend Jill.  Just watch, I’ll get to Twin Falls and  get a fire call … if that happens, Jill will be on her own.. (Can’t count on me much in the summer, can you?)


Life is Good … I am blessed … A.D.D. is in full gear and I’m looking forward to the next thing my mind can dream up. #icandoitmyself #middleofsummer #itwascoldthismorning

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