Scrounged Art


Isn’t it amazing how talented everyone is and how willing they are to share their talents enhances our lives? My focus the past few weeks has been renewing my garden and yard areas. The winter (or what we had of it) was late, hit hard, warmed frightfully and froze horribly again … leaving behind skeletal remains of a cherry tree, and the partial death our apricot and peach trees. It also killed numerous perennials and gave spiders, mites, ants, and slugs a second life … anyway …

Needless to say I’ve been in recoup, redo, and redesign mode. I have gleaned over a few years Pinterest posts (the talented people’s) ideas to add depth and interest to my basic orchard, garden, and lawn setting. Last week I shared my half-finished garden entry … and promised a picture of after procrastination … here it is !

THEN every utility box known to a homeowner lives in  front of my house … a few years ago I camouflaged the power ped with a picket fence behind day lilies and gimee flowers (I love generous friends who share their green thumbs).  Now, what to do with the telephone tower sticking up in the middle of the day lilies in front of the white picket fence hiding the power ped?  What else but turn to Pinterest, and yes! I found a telephone cover topped with a bird house, an inspiration piece from Better Homes & Gardens ( … this is my rendition.

Faux bird house topping telephone box cover

Faux bird house topping telephone box cover

My two youngest grand-kids painted the roof … Fab-u-lous isn’t it?  I love making ‘folk art’. What do you think of this one?

Yesterday I found myself imagining a separate reading space beneath a river birch that shades our patio. It’s a hidden nook that is protected during the hottest part of the day. Picture this in your mind; an Adirondack chair with ottoman, a small side table and this sign tucked into the flower bed beside it.

My favorite hiding places

My favorite hiding places

Totally fun isn’t it?

I took the idea from The inspiration photo had many other literary places but were geared for children; I chose the places I love to return to over and over again.

If you’d like to try your hand at rustic sign making this is a very easy project. First, find wood. I scrounged these sign pieces from Sweetie’s burn it someday pile in the back field of the gun shop. I used left over old primer paint for the base. Don’t you love scrounge projects that don’t cost anyting but time?

I spent about an hour or so searching for these the fonts. I googled the book titles for fonts and found these free downloads. (Thanks again to talented people).  Are you as addicted to Google as I am?

I tried two methods to transfer the letters onto the old wood.  I began with the instructions from to get stared but then I ran into trouble with the plain printer paper releasing the ink so I took to Pinterest again and found a similar method but using waxed paper .  I also used Photoshop Elements to create the words, flip them horizontialy then saved them as a jpg.  I inserted the photo (jpg) into Word to size and print it onto the waxed paper.  After the first one it was easy.  You’ll love your signs.

When I’m planning or working on a project I hear my Dad’s voice saying, “Always use the right tool for the right job”. He would have loved Council and Sweetie’s shop full of ‘magic’ tools,and the collected piles of materials which Sweetie doesn’t seem to mind that I pillage. I am blessed that he is always willing to give me a hand when I tackle something waaaaayyyyy outside my skill zone.

I wonder if he’ll mind when I start that Adirondack chair?



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