How Totally Cool is This?


All week my sense of days has been off … yesterday I was a day ahead … today a day behind. Add in a gray nondescript rainy afternoon and my inner sloth emerged. I’m immersed in a Dr. Who and computer surfing day.  And how very very productive a surfing day its been … home decorating finds, wholesale art supplies and one of a kind papers, encouragement and conversation and THEN … a killer product site that makes fabric from YOUR designs!

Have you like me ever shopped store after store in city after city to find that exact wallpaper or fabric that you have in mind and after hours and miles still strike out? This company also makes custom gift wrap for that one of a kind celebration. Spoonflower.comI was searching for  custom cloth labels  for GMa Keri handmade gifts, but dang if the minimum would have me cranking out hundreds of items just to use them up … and they cost, well more than my frugal monitor would let me spend.

Then voila’ … I found She created her own labels from custom fabric she designed and printed from this fabulous product site … I followed her example, created my own logo label in Photoshop, uploaded it to and now I have custom fabric on its way.  With Love GMa Keri

How totally cool is this?

Fabric for Labels

Fabric for Labels





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