Free Range Hiking — Redux

Deseret Cabin Trail No. 201 Council Mtn

Deseret Cabin Trail No. 201 Council Mtn

 I Confess … I was wrong!

yes, you heard me right … I wasn’t correct.  Last week when I bragged about

checking off a trail on my summer hiking list … well …  where I thought I was hiking was so far from where I was

actually hiking that I can’t say I actually hiked the trail I  wanted to hike.  After swallowing my indignation at google

earth’s maps I took out Sweetie’s old falling apart paper Payette National Forest recreation map (yes, actual

paper!) and with his help located all of the trails I want to hike this summer on the Council Ranger District. On

some of them I may need to hire a Sherpa.

Saturday Sweetie, Mala and I climbed in the truck and headed out to the Deseret Cabin Trailhead to hike the trail I

thought I was hiking last week.  I truly wanted to check off a hike from my list. (I get a little focused like that).  Well …

no hike was completed  … there was still deep snow on the road and snow actually started falling from the sky

(envision a large smile here … ) which changed our minds (dang, I didn’t think to pack the snowshoes). The upper mountain hikes will have to wait until …

maybe … June?

So … my hiking trails completed 2015 list is still empty. but I loved the fabulous free range hike anyway!  … the PAF trails list website continues to leave much

to be desired … like actual directions to the trails for paperless people like me.   I’m thinking (again) that my gift to them next winter may be a trail list with the

lat/long and directions to find the trails  … maybe I’ll pirate the trail page code and update for them.  I think I remember how to code …

#ilovemountains #volunteerwheneverIcan #lifeisgood #papermaps #ilovedtheFS #iwaswrong


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  1. I’m interested in skiing Council Mtn. Is that pic of the signpost where you where stopped by snow ? Did you drive in from Mill Creek ?


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