Smiling Heart … Swallowing Tears


Living 500 plus or minus miles from my mom, sisters, daughters, sons, granddaughters, grandsons, and very patient sons & daughters-in-law I start jonesing for an extended family fix (about every couple of months) so I throw my backpack, golf clubs or skis into the Escape and drive south. Sometimes I have a plan, most often, NOT. This trip had a plan and almost every hour was packed full until my eyes were sandy from shortened sleep, and my carefully constructed budget was busted, but oh! how I loved every second.

… in weekends like this the breeze of wandering is replaced by tornado Grandma Keri.  I blow into town, suck everyone into my vortex dragging them from their routines using one of my most favorite John Wayne character quotes,  “We’re burnin’ daylight” (The Cowboys (1972)). Then It’s off to specialty stores, grocery stores, big box stores and craft stores gathering the ingredients to pull off a ‘perfect’ event.

The Fun Group _ Mom's 84th Birthday

The Fun Group _ Mom’s 84th Birthday

This weekend’s events started with my darling mother’s 84th birthday, on Friday,  the first day of Spring. The BEAUTIFUL & FUN group (that’s mom, first row, lower left … #ihopeilookthatgoodat84) celebrated her special occasion with an evening of (what else? FOOD) and an excellent local production of The Secret Garden  presented at the SCERA theater or just ‘The Scera’.  The  SCERA (Sharon Cultural, Educational, Recreational Association) was organized toward the end of the Great Depression to boost moral and well-being. It is one of the last large independent movie houses in the country and is still operated by volunteers. It was originally built in art deco style and  was THE THEATER that outshone all other area movie houses for many years.  It felt special to sit in the plush seats and anticipate the moment the deep red velvet stage curtains would lift on those Saturday afternoons spent with cousins watching 25 cent admission Disney movies while eating 5 cent candy.  After all these years it still #putsasmileonmyface #nothinglikeitnow.

Bridal Shower Smiles

Bridal Shower Smiles

Fast forward to Saturday when we bridal showered my oldest granddaughter Shaquel. Thanks to Pinterest ideas and to my daughter Angie for letting me raid her house for table decorations (I do this all the time .. she has a fabulous sense of style (she didn’t get that from me)  and always has the perfect accents), and mucho danke to my stunningly beautiful granddaughters (Kaylee, Megan, Chyanne & Hadlee) for totally putting it all together! Spring! Love is in the air. #april4th

#myheartisfull #fromboystomenovernight #ilovemygrandsons

#myheartisfull #fromboystomenovernight #ilovemygrandsons

The whipped cream and cherry topping on the weekend was spending a couple of hours with my grandsons at breakfast   I realized that this may be the last Grandson day for a few years that everyone will be together for me to hug all at once.   Jason & Wyatt who are  the oldest are graduating high school in May.  Jas has already enlisted in the Army Reserves, Wy is down to the wire on his college v mission v firefighting/paramedic decision … can a Grandma be more proud? I think NOT!!

Every tornado eventually dissipates … next sighting, The Cabin Memorial Weekend 2015.

,,, my heart is so full it’s leaking from my eyes. I am so blessed.

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  1. Keri, you have such a wonderful family…I love the closeness that each one person has for another. The most colorful way you write about your adventures, your spontaneous explosion of “I’m outa here” is pleasing and draws us readers as though we were celebrating with you. I’m still working fast and furiously on the Penrod Photo Restoration Project, and hope to have it completed by May. I’m only through the first 100 of approximately 400 photos, I really hope I make it in time for the next get together.
    Love, Kris (Penrod) John


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