Trip in the Box … Anticipation


Today, out came the Atlas … I love a good Atlas!  I’ve tried to keep spring fever to a minimum knowing snow will start falling again (soon I hope) but it has begun to bubble up this February afternoon like the daffodils and tulips sprouting in the front yard.  Just what is a Trip in a Box?  Sweetie christened the phrase when he asked what I was doing with the Atlas and I responded I wanted to have some planned trips in case we wanted to be ‘spontaneous’ and hit the road some afternoon. Hence, Road Trip in the Box.

I love planning an itinerary for a road trip or travel of any kind; immersing myself into the history, stories, movies, and books of places unknown.  I love locating that out of the way, famous or not place … finding out what’s down that way, or on a byway or off shoot two lane, before the ‘destination’. Of course we can ‘t just drive back the way we came so there is also the what’s on the horizon while we’re heading home?

Devil's Tower

Devil’s Tower, Wyoming


Mount Rushmore National Monument, South Dakota

Pulling out the old Rand-McNally or American Highway Atlas is like opening that proverbial box of chocolates.  In the frozen months when darkness leaves later and starts earlier I inhale old movies … this particular road trip is inspired by Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind [Devil’s Tower] and Hitchcock’s North by Northwest [Mount Rushmore].  I’ll share a bit of what is going into the  first ‘Trip in the Box ‘ for 2015 and which could happen as early as the snow melts over the Tetons and the roads open through Yellowstone.  First in is a well marked map … however, we often don’t follow the map and ‘just turn here’ and ‘stop there’ and “ehhh, do we really want to spend time there” ? Here’s the basic plan (for now) … Leave Boise on I-84 (actually that’s about the only way to leave Boise) and head east, take Highway 20 north to West Yellowstone, drop in on Old Faithful and enjoy Yellowstone Lake before sliding into Wyoming to check out the Bill Cody Museum.


Madison River, Montana

I’m looking forward to the Bighorn National Forest  and the Bighorn Mountains before dropping into the flatlands of Wyoming and the anticipation of seeing Devils Tower erupting from the prairie .  After a loop into North Dakota to experience Mount Rushmore & Crazy Horse Monuments we’ll head due north into Montana and fish a couple of the blue ribbon waters of the Madison, Jefferson, Yellowstone, or Gallatin rivers on the way home.

Other Trips in the Box destinations include Yosemite Falls, the Redwood Forests, and the Oregon coast besides a long hop across the pond to Italy, and down the main I-15 corridor to the Southern Utah National Parks and Monuments … Zion, Bryce, Escalante-Grand Staircase, Kodachrome Basin, Lake Powell and Lee’s Ferry  (with all that red rock a lizard can only last so long without a bit of water).




So ... what do you think?

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