Insane! That’s my new word …

Brighton Angie & Keri

Brighton Angie & Keri

My word for the past few weeks is Insane …  it’s insanely Hot and Dry here in the western US. It’s insane because my wanderings the past few weeks have included winter, spring, and summer activities … and it’s only mid-February! I skied Utah snow at Brighton with my beautiful daughter (sunshine & 45 degrees), played 18 holes of golf two days later in central Utah with my youngest son (sunshine 60+ degrees), started clearing the garden in Boise, Idaho where the garlic is 6 inches out of the ground (sunshine & 67 degrees), skied above the 45th parallel (sunshine & above 40), and the next day went fly-fishing with Sweetie (mid 50’s and sunshine).

Fox Hollow  Keri & Steve

Fox Hollow
Keri & Steve

I admit my lizard self is relishing the warmth, but I haven’t used my ski pass nearly enough. I know my friends back east who are frozen indoors are asking “What’s so bad about an extended January thaw”? “We would love a warm respite”, and who doesn’t love seeing tulips and daffodils well on their way out of the ground and tree buds swelling in anticipation of an abundant blossoming? Nothing is wrong with any of that … in moderation and in season …  but you do realize it is February!?

It’s Mid-winter with little to no snow pack. It’s insane that our small ski resort Brundage is hosting the relocated college ski races today because Colorado hasn’t enough snow. I rode the lift with a fellow from Reno who said there was more snow here than at Mt Rose or Heavenly in Nevada and California. That is totally insane because we haven’t that much snow in our mountains.

Here, out west, we love our snow pack and are addicted to tracking water content levels with each snow or rain storm (we even talk about it on our weather reports) because we live in arid country and it is only water captured from snow pack that fills our reservoirs, lakes, rivers and aquifers which allows us to actually live in this beautiful country.

1st  Day Fly Fishing 2015

1st Day Fly Fishing 2015

So I’m sharing a bit of my internal fear mongering … our rivers and reservoirs are already emptied from the past few years of lower than normal precipitation … fish are already stressed with minimal water flow, trees will blossom and winter will return freezing any hope of a fruit crop, water for irrigation will be restricted again reducing the number of acres of planted, and no water means drier fuels and a higher risk of large fires and … you get my drift … no snow has dire consequences.

< 11 CFS

< 11 CFS

I’m praying for a tempering of the weather, Eastern & Western … but out here I am praying for snow and in the meantime I’m going golfing after lunch.

(Someone saw a bear out already …. that’s INSANE)




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