Everyone Has a Story


Goopy rainy/snowy/windy heavy snow makes for a less than stellar ski day … so I took cover and pulled out Sweetie’s old family photographs and have been attempting to decipher sketchy Italian to find out who these fascinating people were/are. I’ve found several ‘cousins or uncles’ in Italian World War I uniforms, photographs of families who remained behind in Italy, and group pictures which include the grandparents on visits to the ‘old country’.


Vito Fanucci

img139 Filomena Fanucci Vergari

Filomena Fanucci Vergari circa 1920


Agnis Vergari Scarpini/Scarcini & Family

img209_Rose_Peter_Filomena_Jean Vergari

Rose, Peter, Filomena, Jean Vergari circa 1938

img074 img159 Yesterday I spent most of the day uploading a new family tree into an Ancestry.com … over the years we’ve gathered substantial amounts of facts yet not too many stories … Here’s to connecting with extended family, filling in gaps, and learning more about family…. do you know their stories? Sweetie’s family roots are from Italy, Slovakia, and Poland. The polish Powanda/Povanda family arrived about 1885, the Holecko & Jurgovsky Slovak families showed up about 1885-89, and the Italian Fanucci & Vergari’s reached Ellis Island beginning in 1910. These early immigrants were miners, farmers, and shop keepers who built new lives in the United States and kept their ties to family back home.

Check out the (current version) of the Holecko_Jurgovsky_Povanda_Senetih_Fanucci_Vergari family tree on Ancestry.com.  It is a public tree and you can see it with a guest account, you needn’t be a member.  If, as you peruse the pages and remember stories or remember those old photographs your grandmother left … please share them.  Everyone has a story .. let’s not forget theirs.

If you’d like to read a bit more … check out kerisfamilyconnections.com  … there are stories and photographs there of not only Greg’s family, but mine also … but that’s another story.

So ... what do you think?

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