Popcorn Anyone?


A few months ago I wrote about Time; mainly that Time is a construct of past and future and seldom do we connect with Now. It’s a great concept to keep connected to people and events that are with me Now. The concept of focusing my energy into this moment and refrain from dwelling on the past or constructing what-ifs of the future lightens me and I have had some extremely satisfying Now moments.

I’m practicing now to be in the Now.  Do you know how hard it is to be present while sitting in a car repair waiting room? Being present I smell popcorn, rubber and oil.  I hear hammering and the incessant background noise of the perpetual sports cast broadcast by the ever-present television on the wall. I feel the hardness of the cushion on the chair that is flattened by countless wait-ers and watch traffic passing, other customers on their own electronics, the magazines dog-eared and dirty from how many hands I don’t want to think about. The Now passes very slowly and I have at least another hour or so waiting … I don’t know if I can be in the Present in this place that long.

I think I’m going to move from the Now into the Future … I think I’m going to plan what I’ll do when I am free … from my now in this place. In that construct, I can consciously in my now plan a future now. Plan thoughtfully and put in place constructs to what my now will be then without focusing solely on then and forgetting now.  Umm sunny Italy in the fall, now that will be fantastic when it is now.

Sigh, I’ve just been told my now in this place will be longer than expected … popcorn anyone?



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  1. Keri, just had to share this post with a dear friend down in Denver, one I’m known since my Raytheon days a decade ago. She’s heady, earthy and so powerfully grounded – I know she’ll love your blog!

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