Gnocchi … Potato Heaven


I love January … it’s my it’s OK  to hibernate most days month … snuggled beneath a fuzzy blanket, Squeaks the cat kneading the edge finding a place to burrow in to and Mala our Puddlepointer disgusted because she’s not ‘in the truck’.  (BTW To pronounce Puddlepointer correctly is to enunciate the u as ‘u’ rather than an ‘uh’ as in puddle).  Today the air is thick with a winter inversion, 30 degrees and frosty, which if I were in Council I’d be skiing but in Boise the plan is to lay the floor pavers for the greenhouse … at least once the inversion lifts and it warms just a tad.

Meanwhile I thought I’d check out my Pinterest Boards and review my dreams.  I chose Yummy Yummy, my food collection … I realized something right off.  My food pins fall into three categories; anything dark chocolate and gooey, dishes that soothingly urge comfort – oddly the main ingredient in those recipes is ‘beans’ … why beans? I have no idea, and seafood. Buying seafood can be risky living in a desert, 1000 miles from the ocean … fish mostly smells fishy instead of fresh.  To overcome my house smells like fish for days smell … I’ve become a fan of flash frozen wild caught shrimp and salmon.

Instead of just dreaming about food and vegetating under this blanket all morning I am going to DO something and build a Pinterest dinner … rather than hoard my dreams I’m going to make a couple come true.   Now these recipes really wind up my taste buds …  Seafood Gnocchi with White Wine Parmesan sauce, Grilled Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Balsamic Reduction and for dessert Paleo Chocolate Souffle’ …. I have everything but the seafood and sprouts … humm, Sweeeeetie~ ?

That yesterday and the Gnocchi turned out Fabulous! (I use the recipe from the Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook — it never fails). The recipes were as good as they were touted and I’ve never made or used a Balsamic reduction  before and it added a warm sweetness to the sprouts that I hadn’t anticipated. The flavors in these two dishes complemented one another so well my taste buds were totally satisfied.  So much so that I didn’t even start the souffle’ …

Fresh Gnocchi & Home Canned Spaghetti Sauce

Sweetie headed to Council yesterday for some end of the season bird hunting and I sent him off with a bag of fresh gnocchi …  this was his dinner last night, Gnocchi and his own killer spaghetti sauce … the pictures of my plates were not as appetizing as my yummy yummy dinner tasted … I do need to work on my plate presentations.

… my mouth is watering … now how about that chocolate souffle’?





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