EGADS! A Great-Grandma?


EGADS!! I’m going to be a Great-Grandma … not that I’m not a GREAT Gma already, but  when I heard I totally had an ‘I’m really getting oldER moment!

My oldest darling GDaughter is welcoming a little one to the world in July which will make me (large swallow here)’ a Great-Grandmother, and my still lovely and active mother a Great-Great-Grandmother.

My thoughts fly between ‘How Totally Cool’ to ‘OH MY a G-Gma’! and then I roll on into my family history and then think of my own great-grandparents who were gone long before it was my turn to join the family. Time truly has a different flow when we step outside of the stream and look at ourselves in that flow of lives.

My First Great-Grandchild

My First Great-Grandchild

I am so happy and full of hope when I see that life moves forward at its own pace and pray only the best for Shaquel and Jesse and the newest life soon to join us in our line of lives!

I may be becoming a G-Gma, and..I may be getting older, but I am NEVER growing up!!

So ... what do you think?

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