Lizards Always Find the Sun


I’ve always described myself as a ‘lizard’,  my wanderings seek sun, warm deserts,

high mountain roads, standing in running rivers and

around campfires.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn Winter though I seriously slow down …

skiing is about as active as I get.

Where I wander in the winter is through  my mind.

I watch frost harden the ground,

icicles drip from roof eaves, and listen through the silence.

I listen to books speaking to my heart and opening my mind to new opinions and ideas

or live in ages past or a possible future, I listen to quieter music, and have

longer conversations with Sweetie over a Scrabble board  of an evening

and I dream.

I dream of places far and near, of spring and summer and plan when my

lizard metabolism thaws and speeds up with the spring sunshine.

Sounds pleasant doesn’t it?

Oh but  a lizard gets bored in the winter!

The great excitement today was cleaning my out my wallet; I couldn’t

keep the cards and papers contained,   it was the universe trying

to get my attention … REDISCOVERY!! Almost $100 of gift and refund cards stashed inside …


So,  I spent a lovely afternoon online at Barnes & Nobel’s and Amazon checking out

new authors, best sellers and bargain bin buys

and bought books, piles of books. I did not buy a single

book from an author I’ve read before so I’ll be meeting new friends

when the books arrive next week. I’ll not fight

my winter lizardness which wants to take things slower and I will enjoy

a many afternoons until Spring nose and mind deep in real paper books.

Though even a  January inversion can’t fool my semi-dormant lizard.

It will kick my lizard butt out of the chair, off of the computer,

and onto the slopes … like yesterday when it was 19 degrees at home; frozen,

frigid and frosty while it was 40 degrees on the ski slope with blue skies and brilliant sunshine.

Lizards can always find the sun …

Brundage Blue Sky

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