Plant, Sprout, and Grow Year 2

Almost Zero

Zero Temperature

It’s frozen outside … so frozen I had to push the dog from the front mat before she’d head out into the snow for her morning constitutional. With it too cold for me to brave a sub-zero ski  hill  what could I do but start researching seeds for ‘Plant, Sprout, and Grow’  Year 2 … the basic premise is that I want to grow my own vegetables and flowers in my green house from seed and plant them in my garden for fresh eating and preserving the abundance for the winter.   And I want to choose the best seeds to do that … What I generally do:  motor to a local big box store or farmer’s co-op, pick the veggie types  (seeds or plants) by intuition (which means I have no idea about the pros or cons of a particular plant other than the pictures on front look cool, or the growing season is acceptable).  Sometimes my picks are wonderfully productive and others, well, I don’t talk much about my failures except when I whine when there aren’t any bottled garden tomatoes in the larder for the chili, soup, or Sweetie’s killer good spaghetti sauce (like this year) and I make a note about the mistaken choices I made in my garden journal.  Note to self:  Read your garden journal before you buy your seeds for the year.

Back to my seed and plant research … there is a lot of it out there … thousands of people sharing information … from the grow only Organic, no pesticides, natural bug control advocates to the Genetic Modified Organisms (GMO)  seeds and pesticide resistant plant people.  I did learn the difference between a hybrid seed, an heirloom seed, and a GMO seed.  I learned how to save seeds for use next year and I learned that GMOs corporations have patents on seeds and on that seed’s subsequent babies in perpetuity and that those same corporations provide about 90% of the world’s seed supplies.  I also learned that companies working to provide non-GMO hybrid and heirloom seeds are working hard and promising no GMO seeds ever.

Well, my mind is full of  all kinds of seeds … that’s enough research for today … tomorrow again will be frigid and snowy so I will  pull on fuzzy socks, brew a cup of licorice tea and burrow deep into seed catalogs and dream of plants growing in the window of my fabulous new greenhouse. (Once I get the inside finished).

I haven’t narrowed down what veggies and flowers seeds to buy for this year’s crop … all you home farmers out there, especially those of you in the western states , what are your go-to plant varieties?  Where do you weigh in on hybrid v heirloom produce production?  The more I learn the more questions I have!

So ... what do you think?

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