Now What?


I love the week between Christmas and the start of the new year. I am not one of those let’s pull the tree out Christmas afternoon people; rather I love the twinkly lights and the roar of the fireplace surrounded by the trappings of Christmas and take advantage of seven early mornings sipping peppermint tea. Early morning before the sun peeks up.  I love thinking of the past year’s activities, I ponder what may be in store for the coming months. I read, I write, I breathe, and I pray.

In the quiet Peace seeps in and  Gratitude overflows my heart often leaking out of my eyes.

My  early morning journey this week will be an inner one…I have a question that has been plaguing me for a while.  Now that I’ve relished the year of employment freedom and did only those ’cause I want to activities, I’ve an inner nagging thought that there is more to this time I’ve been given than when can I ski, what to plant in the spring, where to fish and camp during the summer, and harvesting and storing fall’s abundance.

My question is Now What

I felling I need to grow outside of my comfort zone … I’m supposed to do more than feed my narcissistic tendencies … this Pinterest quote hit that nerve I’ve been rubbing fairly raw with my Now What question…

. I’m going to use week’s quietude pondering during those early morning hours and maybe … just maybe … my compass to begin to point to my true north and I’ll find an answer my question: Now What? It is an exciting time, is it not?


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