Bootaholic Needs 2nd Boot Rack


I seem to be making a lot of admissions lately … today it is that I am a Bootaholic … a fetish for all footwear under the description of Boots.  Tall boots, short boots, cowboy boots, suede boots, heavy leather and light … tan, black, taupe, red, dark brown and gray …  dressy or casual , high high heels, just high heels, moderate heels and flats … I can’t walk past a shop without checking out the boot selection…especially if there is a sale and I can SAVE money.  Sometimes I think I may have a problem,  I don’t have a problem … (I’m in denial) … well, maybe just one lproblem; more boots than I have space for on my boot rack.  A few years ago Sweetie made me a 13 pair boot rack and the floor of the closet was no longer littered with rolled magazines and the plastics grocery sacks which I used to keep my boots from falling over or creasing in the wrong places. I was in Heaven! Last week I walked into my closet, tripped over a pile of boots , plastic bags and unrolled magazines … and in the second before I hit the floor that duh moment light lit up …

Before 2nd Rack

Before 2nd Rack

I needed another boot rack.  

I built this boot rack  from odds and ends I dug out  from leftovers of other projects and cost only 12 hours time (which includes Gorilla glue curing and paint drying and paint smell dissipation time).  Easy Peasey and the WAHOO! I have obstacle free closet floor space again!

Finished Rack

Finished Rack

Looking at these rows of boots I’m feeling a bit Emelda Marcos … can owning that many boots fit the definition of gluttony?

2nd Rack in Use

2nd Rack Now in Use!!




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