3 Beautiful Women — 3 Days in Vegas


Last weekend my wanderings kicked into a higher gear when my oldest daughter, her oldest daughter and I shopped our way through Las Vegas in 85 degree (yeah! let’s wear shorts) weather for 3 days to celebrate our collective birthdays.  I now have to schedule a closet purge for all of the killer buys…including some slouchy black boots and taupe booties … it’s an addiction, I know…. one of my next projects; a second boot tree.

Add to that fun fun fun we induced my niece to  join our madness at the outlet mall, then we twisted her arm (not) to stay for the evening and once we determined a show and dinner she scored us 2 for 1 Cirque du Soliel’s Beatles LOVE tickets at the Mirage AND a fantabulous dinner at Portifino’s; complements of the Mirage’s Chef Erik (another of the niece’s friends), Thank You Chef Erik!

3 Girls at the Bellagio

This post’s sole purpose is to show off my beautiful daughter, granddaughter, and niece …

4 Beauties at the Mirage

4 Beauties at the Mirage

What do you think? a pro or con consumerism ad … My Sign:  Love to Shop for Bargains!

The result -- 3 women, 3 days in Las Vegas

The result — 3 women, 3 days in Las Vegas

A little quiz: I am 60% older than my daughter, she is 43% older than her daughter and the granddaughter and my ages are inverse numbers; solve for x, y, z …

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