A Tomato in January


Autumn. The last warm days before dragging out the ski gear , lighting the fireplace, and building stews and soups frozen and canned from summer’s bounty.  It is the time I cram as many outdoor projects and activities I can into a day or a week; since I spent most of the summer on fire assignments, golfing, fishing, reading on the patio, and … . This week I was successful in coaxing Sweetie out of the fields and off the mountains directing his attention from his search for Chucker, Pheasants, or Quail toward  building a small greenhouse in an area that was covered in gladiolas and which always looked a bit seedy and weedy.  Last winter’s traveling greenhouse hooked me when I started our summer garden in mid-winter and though it worked very well for seed sprouting it had limited space once the plants became taller than 6 or 8 inches.

I envisioned my little greenhouse as rather whimsical with recycled windows and pallet wood walls and roof; well,  photo 1 (4)photo 2 (5) Sweetie doesn’t do whimsical, he does AWESOME!

This is the greenhouse build through noon on day 4 … it’s about 75% complete … still needs a door, floor, shelves and power … then it’s “let’s have a tomato in January” time.

photo 5We worked hard, Sweetie more than me (I was the go-fer, ladder holder, tool finder and gatherer, and general cleaner upper). We’re taking a break for the weekend.

Saturday the sun will clear off the wet sky;  Sweetie will take Mala (our very vocal Pudlepointer) on a long walk pheasant hunting while I take a road-trip to Utah for my baby’s 33rd Bday.

I’m psyched … just him and me and a golf course.

There is an old adage which says a daughter is a daughter all of her life but a son is a son until he takes a wife.  As the mother of sons who have grown into men whose direction faces away from their mother’s home to their own, this is sooooo true.  I love my daughters-in-law — they are beautiful, intelligent, talented wives and mothers … but they are their mother’s daughters, as my daughters are mine. But even knowing all that…I miss my sons.  As a single mom I taught them to throw a football and baseball, ski, camp, ride motorcycles, cook and clean … all that mum stuff.  So, it is with great anticipation that I will be spending Saturday afternoon with my youngest son, and then dinner with him and his lovely family.

Next week it’s back to absorbing every last bit of Autumn’s sunshine I can;  we’ll finish the greenhouse, pack away the fishing and camping gear, put the bikes and golf clubs into the back corner and pull the skis and boots out of the back closet and into the shop for a tune up … snow’s coming … and I am anticipating fresh tomatoes in January! Thanks to my Sweetie!!



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