It’s Done !! Adobe Pizza Oven Build


IMG_0021That day last spring when I began hauling and piling rocks to begin the base of my envisioned adobe oven seems a long time ago … working on it in spurts and starts throughout the busy spring and summer I sometimes wondered if I was nutz. Hauling, shoveling, mixing clay, sand, sawdust early mornings to avoid the heat or shifting the sunshade back and forth as the day moved toward evening. Tripping over rocks and weeds, squirting myself with the hose, avoiding hornet, wasp and yellow jacket nests and hoping snakes hadn’t slithered beneath the rock pile was just in a day … yes I could have been nutz.

However, night before last when Sweetie and I inaugurated the oven with 2 Margarita Pizzas made the hard work sooooo worth it … not a single leftover and while I really may be nutz I am a happy one. I have been researching pizza dough … I never realized what an art pizza dough can be … we already rock the sauce; fresh from the garden marinara and basil.  I haven’t worked my way into the whole make your own mozzarella process ‘yet’.  For the next pizza I have to find pizza flour … yes, there is such a thing as pizza flour, and start trying the many different pizza dough recipes.  I am thinking Neapolitan; those Italians, they know pizza dough.


Inaugural Pizza

Here’s the quick recap of the oven build if you haven’t been in on the updates … Love IT!!! and YES I’ll be making another oven in Boise, next Spring (I hope it doesn’t take all summer).

So ... what do you think?

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