Family & Friends – the Best Part of Wandering


I know, I haven’t checked in like I promised I would when I started rebuilding my time habits.  So how is that scheduling coming you ask?  Slowly. The first week I was mostly on task.  I was cracking the whip over my head and checking items off of my list … BUT …. as usual when I plan I over plan … I overdid the first week. I actually put everything I wanted to do into my calendar, put a reminder on them all and took off Moving Rocks. At the end of that first week, I was tuckered out. I did get many ‘Things’ accomplished. But then! I noticed a pattern.  Although something was in my schedule, if I  wasn’t in the mood I just ignored what was on my schedule and did something else.

On reflection, I probably don’t want to do some of the things I thought I did … or at least, not right now …. so I am putting them on the purposefully procrastinated list.  Keeping that lesson in mind as I scheduled the next two weeks I only scheduled a little; a little yard work, a little peach canning, a little reading, a little studying but the large rocks were  Go Fishing (on Gray’s River in Wyoming with Jill and Russell)

Gray's River WY

Gray’s River WY

and then  the next week Go Fishing (on the Owyhee River in Eastern Oregon with Sweetie, Jill, and the boys from Pennsylvania [George, Joe, Paul, & Tommy]), add  to that a quick 3 day-er to Utah for a party for Brandon & Cecily and their on the way little one (yes, some would call it a ‘baby shower’, but when our fam gets together, it’s just a party)!

Colter Vest, Cecily & Brandon Humble

Colter Vest, Cecily & Brandon Humble


An added bonus to the Utah Trip … we were invited to  an American Fork Junior High football game & watched two of our beautiful gdaughters cheer! Then … got to participate in the older gkid’s Homecoming Prep & Picture Taking Pre-dance Party!

Proud Parents, Wonderful GKids

Proud Parents, Wonderful GKids

A wandering thought. I do enjoy  fly fishing. My technique is hopefully improving. I made so many changes to my cast that I forgot how to fish!! At least until I was able to get out of my head and just fish. Sweetie and the PA Boys caught A LOT of fish whereas Jill and I caught a few  BIG BIG fish and  I practiced patience and perseverance while Jill went for a hike.   In addition to the two P’s mentioned; I am adding to my list: Learn ‘to think like a fish’, Cast more Precisely, and learn more about fish food (entomology).

In the meantime, I’ll continue to watch the deer, observe river otters, check out the changing leaves and laugh sitting in a circle of camp chairs  sans a fire  … fire restrictions are still in place. I was so focused on fishing, I didn’t take a single photo on the Owyhee (can you believe it?)

Family and Friends! They’re the best part of Wandering!!

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