Planner Brain & Big Rocks


I love retirement! I love the freedom to do what I like when I like.  However, after almost 9 months of not working for money I’ve come to miss some structure and wait for it …I think I need to put a little organization back into my life. I have let procrastination take hold and am feeling as if  I am wasting hours of my life. Like the old soap opera whose opening began with  … like sand through the hour glass … I’m feeling my hours melt into days, slide into weeks, fade into months, three more of which will be a year since I retired. Well that weirded me out.

Cob oven insulation layer

Layer 2: Insulation

To unweird I’m self-prescribing just a little organization, even…a plan. Yes, I’m talking schedule (or the outline of one anyway) so I can ‘feel’ like I’m getting the most important things accomplished; if I don’t have a plan what is the most important thing? (That’s my Planner Brain kicking in gear).

Flyfishing August 2014

Fishing with the Sweetie

cob oven insulation layer

Insulation Layer Completed

I’ve learned that total freedom creates a procrastinating Keri. I spend more time wandering between all the things I like to do or have to do and taking longer to get anything completed because there is always later, tomorrow, after a golf game, after I finish this book, after …

I am returning to my Stephen Covey roots … 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and First Things First. I’ve been piling up my rocks … figuring out what my big rocks are to put them in my bucket before I fill it up with the gravel and sand of life’s minutia.

What are my big rocks? Time with Sweetie, time with the posterity (Kids & Gkids) & my Sibs, time for friends, time for work (whatever the day requires), time for play, time to create, time to learn, time to serve, time for meditation, time for prayer…see why I need some structure? My bucket is full already.  I want to organize my time to allow my spirit to love and create and draw closer to my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I have many gifts and talents I don’t use or haven’t developed; I know there is family to find in research and their stories to write, photos to take, historical photos to preserve, gardens to grow, languages to learn; I have a list of wanna do’s and need to do’s already that I haven’t put into motion … and dawdling around well, I can’t do these things when I am spinning like a dandelion top puffed away in the wind or worse yet, petrified on the couch.  Horrors! I just had a vision of living petrification … atrophied mind, body shriveled with inactivity, spirit dried up and heart hardened with no focus other than watching rerun marathons.  Gag! Creeps me out!

Backyard Peaches

Backyard Peaches

So here’s my plan …   ‘a new habit in 30 days’ (oh, I do love a good plan). I’ll reacquire command of my time … September 1st through September 30th, I strategized and outlined and today was the first day of working my plan and now I will check in the next 4 Sundays and evaluate. (Why Sunday? Well that’s really the only day in the week of which I’m actually aware.)  And again from my Stephen Covey roots, telling everyone my goals will help me to meet them. Like having a gym or running buddy, there is someone  watching me that will hold me accountable when I want to say, “Oh, I’ll do that tomorrow, or later”.

30 days to reacquiring some time habits and I will add another rock to my bucket … increasing available ‘time’ to wander.




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