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August 4th .. my baby sister’s birthday. Happy BDay “twirpella”. My dad gave me, and my sisters nicknames and then each of our children have nicknames … how he came  up with them is still a mystery in some cases … I’m a ‘kitten’, middle sis is ‘peaches or pokey’, we have a pooh bear and a pork chop.  I didn’t have a great imagination when it came to giving my own kids nicknames … but they all have a middle name so they’d know when I was ‘really’ serious.

My mind is in ‘zone’ mode after 14 days on fire assignments … I am recouping, eating fresh corn on the cob, caprese, and new to the what to do with abundantly producing zucchini plants using a newly acquired make a squash noodle tool … zucchini noodles with gouda cheese and butter (I will do that again and maybe put a bit of fresh mariana sauce on it) … fire camp food trends to heavy carbs and lots of meat. So in zone mode I’ve been gathering up the threads of my projects and thought I’d share an update on the greenlings; the basil is in its third or fourth harvest, the peppers are in plenitude, but the tomatoes are only now showing blossoms (it has been a very hot July).

Basil & Peppers

Basil & Peppers

Zucchini is exploding, so I’ve taken to picking off the flowers each morning to have for an appetizer in the evening. Yum.  Watermelon is setting fruits but the cantaloupes and spaghetti squash are like the tomatoes flowering but not setting fruit.  It’s time to plant lettuce and spinach for fall harvest.  So the traveling greenhouse was a success.  Cool beans.

photo 3

Pizza Oven … First mud layer

Before I left on this last fire assignment I finished the sand dome and first mud/clay layer on my prototype wood fire pizza oven.  I admit it has the look of a Star Wars storm trooper helmet, but I anticipate the insulation layer to help develop the more traditional southwest oven look. Also, my wonderful bro in law sent me an awesome pizza peel (what you use to put the pizza in the oven so I won’t  burn myself)!

I had to postpone my gkid weekend and I was totally bummed out … in a couple of weeks I’m going to attempt again. I’m sending out good vibes that’ll it’ll actually come together!

Oh! I quit mowing the lawn around my garden boxes and fruit trees … part of my backyard really does look like a pasture … it’s kind of cool and I won’t keep knocking fruit off of the trees or whacking my head on low hanging branches … it’s a win win anyway I look at it (and I can say I have reduced my carbon footprint so I can be “ecologically trendy”.

My mind is running into platitude mode, it seems go fit right into zone mode … it’s a lovely day in the neighborhood and life is good.  I am blessed.  Can’t ask for anything better than that!


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