War has been declared … aphids, ants, and unknown enemies


My traveling grow box worked very well, I however didn’t harden off the greenlings sufficiently before I put them in their big kid beds and it took a while for them to recover from the shock; they were not happy at all.  Last night when I wandered by to pull a few weeds and check out the drip system flow, horrors! The tomatoes were infested with winged aphids! Oh no you don’t get to feast on these plants … you … will  … die!  At dawn I mixed up the offensive weapon … dish soap & a bit of cooking oil in water and attacked the unsuspecting enemy … drowning the visible.  Then I moved the ant traps closer to the beds since ants and aphids are collaborationists you know.  I gave preemptive strike cover to the peppers and basil and will recon the melon patch after bagels and herb tea at Starbucks with Sweetie; he has already had skirmishes with apple worms and peach tree fungus.  Nope,  gardening “ain’t” for sissies and the war will continue!  photo (2)photo

So ... what do you think?

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