Grandma Keri Days


Since my grandchildren were barely able to sit without falling over, I have delighted in having them together for what I’ve called Grandma Keri days. Grandma Keri Days started simply enough, with the first Pumpkin Patch Day, when we harvested the pumpkins from the garden, carved them, and then ate hot dogs  to finish off the afternoon. Then came valentine’s day, colored eggs for Easter, 24th of July (or Pioneer Day in Utah), service project days in November, and gingerbread day to start off the Christmas season. Every year had the same theme but different activities. How I love being with them all together, there are 14 plus of them, it’s quite a gaggle. Then I added Grandma Keri granddaughter and grandson weekend; sleepovers, bike rides, and movie nights. These weekends grew into camping trips, hikes, evenings at the theater or a baseball or basketball game. Over the years we’ve carved pumpkins, made and ate gingerbread men, made and served lunches to the homeless, screamed through creepy haunted corn mazes, created handmade paper, had snowball fights and built snowmen, and walked in the footsteps of our ancestors as they journeyed to Utah. I looked forward to those days and weekends, especially after I had moved to Idaho and was so far away that I didn’t get to share the everyday moments very often. It’s been several years since the last Christmas cabin, or pumpkin day and I haven’t seen some of them for a long time …  – when grandchildren become teenagers it’s not too cool to hang out with your grandma (or so I’ve been told) but … next Friday I hope to see them all for water games, kickball, and of course, food– venue still to be determined! The last picture I have of them all together was in 2010 and now my beautiful oldest granddaughter turns 19.

Being a grandma is wonderful but being Grandma Keri, Grammie or g-ma … is the Best!cousins1DCP_1887 DCP_0780 DCP_0778 DCP_0775My Heritage My Legacy

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