Fire Fire Fire


Now it’s summer. The beautiful green of spring has dehydrated into dry tinder fuels standing ready to ignite into an inferno of flame leaving charcoal black…fire season has started. After an amazing pancake breakfast at the American Legion Peace Park I was parked in a lawn chair alongside Highway 95 awaiting the Council Idaho independence day parade and the display of porcupine race contestents when my phone tada’d me with a heads up that “we’re being mobilized”. Yep, the first fire call of 2014 and where are we heading you ask? Well, let me tell you, Panaca Nevada, the oldest surviving town in eastern Nevada … it’s small, quaint, and did I say small? How do I know that? Well, we’ve been there before. The people are kind, the high school still functions, and the grocery story has ice cream when for when the temperature hits 100 plus degree heat. Fighting fire in Nevada ain’t for sissys, fighting fire anywhere isn’t for sissys but I admire the courage and strength it takes for firefighters to stand up to flame and smoke and who put themselves in harms way to protect life and property. But it is fun fun fun while we work work work … and I am so excited to see my fire team family … we’ll pick up like we haven’t seen each other for 9 months. What a grand Independence Day!

So ... what do you think?

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