Wood Fired Pizza & Artisan Bread


I can almost taste the wood fired pizza and artisan breads … I’m sure my ancesters who had to cook with wood fired ovens are laughing at me… but it’s started! For two days last week I gathered semi-large rocks while avoiding a yellow jacket nest and watching for sneaky snakes, then stacked and packed the semi-large rocks together to build the base for my Council prototype clay pizza oven! If it works out well I am going to build one in Boise too!  Yesterday I bought a 50# bag of dry clay, it’s white rather than adobe colored, but I didn’t think the color should matter, it’ll get smokey anyway.  My neighbors  gave me cases of empty bottles to use as insulation below the brick layer, which I already procured the fire bricks and have them ready at hand.  The last components I need to collect are a bale of straw and about the same amount of sawdust to mix into the clay for the insulation layers. Then it’s mud time! I love dirt, I love mud, I love clay … dirt in the garden, mud after a rain storm, and clay for hand built wood fired pottery. So I am totally psyched to start squiching into a large quantity of gooey gloppy clay mud…it’s  getting me excited!

View east from the front door  Morning Day 1        Morning Day 2                                                            Evening Day 2

photo 1 photo 2 Council Oven Base

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