Grateful for You Most of All


Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak for 20 minutes in my church’s sacrament meeting; my topic was gratitude.  Not gratitude in a general way but gratitude as a choice not only in good times but most importantly during the bad; when we are afraid, torn, battered or lost. The Lord commanded that we give thanks in all things and to have a prayer in our hearts at all times…easy to say, fairly difficult to do.  But, when I try and I get it, even for a moment, everything changes.  In preparing I asked family and friends their take on gratitude and universally the response was that it changes everything; negative vibrations to positive ones, opening my eyes to see what I have rather than what I think I lack. Looking back over times I’d classify as bad, very bad, and extremely, horribly, disgustingly, terribly bad and those that seem good all have turned out to be blessings; though while I was in dark and terrible moment, hours, days, weeks, months and years there was no way I’d have ever said it was or would ever be a blessing.  But, God does know us, he knows what he is making of us…we are the gold and silver he is refining and asking us to choose to live with gratitude in our circumstances rather than thankful just for the good things is one way he is helping us grow in his image. Caveat, I still desire to be thankful all the abundance  and the multitude of blessings I don’t deserve… and to you my family, friends who’ve become family, friends who will become family, strangers who will become friends I am grateful for you most of all! 

So ... what do you think?

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