Pause. Breathe. Enjoy.


Pause. Breathe. Enjoy.  That is what I envision wandering to be…to actually escape the bullet train and find a path to stroll, amble, saunter, dawdle, ramble or meander. To actually see, smell, touch what is only a blur as the hours I focus on ‘the next thing I have scheduled to do’ blaze past. This past month, well … yes … I forgot. What is worse, is that I didn’t realize I’d forgotten! While I was clearing the flower beds I realized that I didn’t remember seeing my tulips and daffodils bloom, the magnificent bleeding heart by my front door came and went with only a glance that i recollect giving it,  I don’t recall smelling the intoxicating  blossoms of apricot, peach, pear or plum trees and their brilliant displays that i so look forward to each Spring.  My list goes on… This is a reminder to myself to Pause. Breathe… and Enjoy. Get back off of the bullet train Keri and return to wandering…I think I’ll take Mala dog and amble down the Rails to Trails toward the Weiser River for a while and look for bear sign … the berries are ripening you know .. that’ll make me pause for certain!

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  1. You know, we do tend to zoom through our lives and we don’t stop to smell the roses…because we are engulfed in work, or studies, cooking, cleaning, staying on the religious track promises, children problems, grandchildren issues…staying sane? It would be nice to saunter along, get sidetracked, veer left instead of right, take the engine to the limit and see just what it can do? But we re too busy struggling with life, it consumes all our energy leaving us no time left to play with…


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