Off to OZ


I’m off to OZ, my favorite place under the rainbow … southern Utah, my cabin and days all in a row with a gaggle of family & friends who are family, and friends who will become family.  It is there that I am more close to my dad than anywhere else in the world.  It is only through his & mom’s love and generosity that I have my dream come true and I can look around and see his hand everywhere.  I am feeling a bit melancholy as I am again this summer putting this magical place up for sale … we don’t use it as we once did, lives change, children grow and move into their own spheres and the 10 hour drive from Boise can put a damper on maintaining things.  Anyway, enough of that! This week is my time to spend with my dad as I clean, paint, and repair the dirty and broken as he once did for me and getting ready for next week’s dutch-oven dinners, Sweetie’s buttermilk pancakes for breakfast and S’mores around the campfire every night until we are all gooey and stuck together.  Life is Good and I am Blessed.   Can’t ask for more than that, can we?

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